Friday, April 24, 2009


let's review what happened from 12.01 am till now.

1. i almost get a heart attack when my friends knocked the door and brought me the rubbish baskets. they even ask me if i dont mind being showered with all the garbage. duh. fyi guys, that is soo not the right way to celebrate someone's birthday, lol.

2. my bestfriend experienced quesy feelings in her stomach and decided to go to the hospital a.k.a ppum at that 12.30am. the four of us accompanied her on a car ride with our fellow's husband. i sat at the front seat and the moment i opened the car door, small roaches scaterred at the dashboard. argghhh!! i screamed silently and prayed continuously so they dont ever fall on to my lap.

3. the emergency department was soo full with people and we had to wait almost like 2 hours to pass through and met the doctor.

4. after several visits to the checking room, took the blood pressure and examined by the doctor; my friend had been told that she had to wait for the other doctor to recheck her again. another tenseful waiting moment to bear.

5. she had been told again that she had to stay overnight in the ward. wait for the doctor to come later (if only i knew later means 8.30am...)

6. several trips to the toilets are a must. me and my friend were scolded by the nurse-on-duty because we lied on the patient's bed. i cant stand to make faces and stuck my tongues out to her when she's not looking. swear i wont let her working with me if i ever open my own clinic. that unfriendly-cold-hearted nurse. doesnt she ever hear of the word polite?

7. at 4.30am after few minutes of gossiping and babbling, we decided to sleep. she's on the bed. the three of us sat on the chair, leaning against the bed; our head on the mattress. brrrr... i never feel so icy and cold like that in my whole life. i was exaggerating a bit but really, that air-conditioned ward left me shivering and trembling all time.

8. later that morning at 6.30am, i was left alone with my sick friend. turned out they went to the musolla to lie comfortably on the carpet. i slept so well so they dont even bother to wake me up. if the well means getting a worn-out neck muscle and painful backache, id rather not sleeping at all. er.. i should reconsider the last sentence.

9. the most important thing in my world did not seem to last long. my sony e almost ran out of battery. but i let my sick friend had my last-longer-than-theirs battery for her phone so me and the others had lost connection to the outer world. we had not had our shower even. i dont really mind actually as all of us had the same-stench-for-skipping-bath aura. haha. extreme, huh?

10. at 9.30am we went to the cafe to grab breakfast. our financial situation limited us to spend more than we want to. as me and my friend paid for the RM20 registration earlier, not many bucks were left. the four of us shared three plates of scrambled eggs, baked beans, breads and bread pudding. pathethic, huh?

11. i had my big-P day and not prepared for it. i can say, the lack of proper attire and suitable material for it forced me to sulk intensely. we got back here just now by cab. in the shower, my glasses almost fell into the drain but i managed to grab it. my life would probably sucks without my one-and-only glasses.

i am anxious to know what kind of exciting and adventure moments await me later this evening. late for the bus? car-accident? money lost? bump into a handsome guy, perhaps? duh.

my friends all wished me 'happy birthday and have a great day!'.

instead i muttered under my breath, 'what great day?'


  1. was a rather eventful birthday

  2. owh,pity u..but u gotta admit it was an eventful bday n u were really nice to accompany ur friend at the hospital..;p

  3. u guys havent heard the worst part yet!! gosh, read the next post!!

  4. oyea, i know

    ppum is absolutely the WORST hospital i've ever been to.

    i went into the Trauma & Kecemasan unit
    and got diagnosed with gastric (which turned out to be a false alarm cz mom took me for a recheck at KLCC's med centre, it was just food poisoning GAAH)

    talking about real trauma. how ironic.

  5. sooo TRAUMATIC experience ya got ther, liz.. haha