Sunday, April 05, 2009

happy besday!!!

so ive figured out what to give to my sister. here, have a look...



tadaa!!! er.. some of 'em were from my mom lah, only a few from me. and my elder sis, ah... (we only split the money to buy the pink bratz pc games, thats all.. so i guess my gifts were lots more than hers, haha)

hm, how to say, eh.. it was like the gifts were all officially from my mom and dad as it was their money i've been using. but, well.. guess i shouldve been given few credits for chosing the right gifts for my sissy. haha. hey, it wasnt easy. required hard work and critical thinking. spent almost two hours in popular bookstore to find em. er, is it? haha, whatever.

btw, its fun buying all those stuffs. considering the fact that you actually enjoy buying the gifts and enjoy playing them as well. haha.

while my mom bought her this:

ive bought her this:

its the disney princesses bag!! super-duper cutie!! yeah i know!! *giggles* although its kinda cheap, but still.. worth it! i just looove it! er.. is that for me or my sister? ah whatever.. as long as we both like it.. i mean, we can share the bag and use it together. no big deal. er.. right, sissy??

ah one more thing, another cheap gift. well, if you look at the price tag, of course it is...

phew, lucky its not very clear there.. haha. tho the cards are cheap (and affordable), what matters is the sincerity and good intention, right?

if its me, i dont really care what kind of gift i got...

as long as it is..

wrapped up nicely with expensive flowery wrappers...

on top of it is a big and pink ribbon..

must have a cute birthday card enclosed together..

and must be pink also..

and what matters to me the most...

the gift must be the one the i like, if not.. i'll just throw it in the garbage bin!!

so.. i guess no one's gonna gimme a birthday present soon. haha.

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