Thursday, April 30, 2009

may i??

i am thinking about adopting a BABY BOY. no. a toddler, to be precise. around 1-2 years old.

but the only problem is...

i dont have any source of income. how can i feed him?

great. another impossible dream created by this 19-year-ol dreamer. *sigh* will she ever wakes up? somebody please knock some sense into the head of this idiot.

ouch. that hurts.


  1. Whoaa...
    I've read something like this in my friend's blog just now.
    She too, wanted to adopt a baby.And she mentioned that a friend of her, which is about the same age as us, ALREADY HAD A BABY! I mean, adopted child.
    Geez... What's happening to you guys? I mean, girls? XD

  2. haha... its the pure maternal instinct, sarah.. only tha chosen women get to have this feelings.

    haha! how about that??? lol

  3. Me too, sometimes. LOL. LOL. LOL.
    Oh yeah, correction. That friend of my friend, she had her OWN baby! Not an adopted child.
    Eii, curious. What business? O_o

  4. hahah. good for her.

    i wonder how many years will i have to wait to get my own. haha~