Monday, April 13, 2009

a mess!

at times when i get bored at home, i tried to seek something pleasant to do. n always it ended up with some silly kiddy stuff in which i find it rather satisfying.

like these sets of dishes made from from my sister's colourful plasticines. id say.. those r wonderful! from my personal opinion lor.. hehe.

okay now lets have a close-ups..

more.. more.. zoom in, please..

yes, thatz better. pretty unclear as i took those from my mobiles. easy to bluetooth to my laptop n easy to upload in here. haha.

and the result goes like this..

wuhuuu... another art produced by me!! kui3.

what a great sight, isn't it? and that was before my sister created havoc and steamrolled every pieces into a giant plasticine ball. the evidence? here..

and my girl-to-be became bald.. so sad..

you can still see the black lines of hairs attached to that giant ball up there. waaa... i want my girl's hairs back!! my sister grinned broadly after she successfully ruined my lil girl's reputation - by making her bald!!! next time i wanna do anything, i'll make sure to get her hands tied up first. and those colourful clays vanished in the blink of eyes. puff!! and it became..

clear and deserted.. no trace of colourful plasticines anymore..

that girl, i'm sure to get her locked up in the room one day just to ensure she doesn't mess with my project again.

and if i do that, my mom sure yelling at me, 'ain!!!! main dengan adik tu!!!'

guess i just have to let her do anything she wants. if by anything means letting her toying around with my things and acting like a naughty little kiddo, then i reckon pinching her ears a bit wont hurt.

after all, have you heard about an eye for an eye? im getting used to that when im dealing with ma lil 4-year-old-sister.

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