Sunday, April 26, 2009

more eventful??

i think my birthday was cursed.

later that evening, i went to kuala lumpur convention centre (klcc) to hang out with my friends.

guess what happened?

i lost someone's most beloved thing!! in the toilet! argh, why did i put that thing on the sink and went to pee without even thinking it might be stolen? and since when do i ever think everytime i do other stuffs? blame me.

and i was scared to death. i called my friends and told them. that thing costs almost rm2000 and where can i find that much money? my parents? nay, they will torture me to death if they know. i borrowed my dad's money once. and that's enough. no more.

i paced around the toilet like an idiot, the thoughts ran across my mind. where? how? why? suddenly i thought about my sister. i dialed her number and told her. crying. hey, i din know what else to do, thats why.

my sobs grew louder. my sister calmed me down. she said apologise to my friend and then asked how much that thing costs. she will pay for it no matter how much. just tell her that.i cried.

omg thanx a lot! sometimes i even wonder if she is the biological sister that i knew all along. haha, just kidding. then i told my friend about that incident and apologise several times. i said i will pay back for it. she said RM2000. transfer to the maybank. i told my sister. she said okay.

everything seemed to be temporarily solved. but where can i get that damn 2000 bucks to pay my sister's back?? even my pocket money for 6 months does not cover it all.

seriously, i dont want to remember my birthday anymore after this.


  1. money lost??
    yea.. A LOT of money lost..

    but i'm here 4 u my fren... =)

  2. omg!u really had a hard day..hope there's some good outcomes out of this..

  3. Ok, seriously. That's scary.
    You have my sympathy. :)
    Bloody that bloody person who stole it! <:(

  4. don't worry you'll pay your sister back one day
    in much more precious way
    just be a good little sister, that's what every big sister's expectation
    soon you'll got your job, being rich and buy your sister something she loves

    good luck there...

  5. yeah,agree with dee..don't worry bout it too much..n be extra extra careful after this..

  6. acty.. what is a "thing" that have been stolen?

    a watch??
    a diamond??
    some kind of food??
    a mobile phone??

    i just wanna know..
    RM2000 is realy expensive for "A Thing"..

    i guest..

    p/s: anyway, happy birthday..
    even you have a bad time..

  7. pah2.....


    are u kidding me.....what is that thing????? handphone??? all i can think about is the i phone.....

    or is it a ring or sumthin....haish...=___=

    and luckily you have a big sister.....i wonder what will happen to me if i lost sumthin that cost Rm2000......ok enough said....i'll be dead.....

  8. hmmm.
    you left it on the sink, so i'm guessing it was some expensive phone.

    gahh. i'd dropped dead if i were you, or worse.

    (is there anything worse than death? ha.)

    sabar yea :) ada hikmah semuanya ni.

  9. yea all of you would FREAK OUT like i did if u were me. luckily i din pass out in the toilet. hehe.

    nad-thanx but no thanx. i aint got the gut to borrow ma friend's money.

    farah-yea hopefully.. tho i wont really count on that. i never get lucky enough. heh.

    dee-be a good sister? am i not good enuf? hehe i know the answer to THAT. yea maybe i'll buy her a bmw! and how's that for a PAYBACK?? haha

    anony-thanx 4 tha wish. haha definitely NOT food. not diamond either. nay, none of them. try harder. guess guess guess. haha.

    irf-haha. wont tell ya. the only luck i have by my side is my sister. awww, aint i so sweeeett... hehe.

    liz-haha, ill be havin nightmares every night when i think bout it, liz.. haha

  10. well...i guess it's a laptop...
    am i rite???
    u went to klcc for pc fair..
    n bring along the laptop kan???

  11. put a rm2000 laptop in/at a sink?
    u so sengals darling...

    huu..alkaff pandai..

  12. yupp kesengalan yang teramat sgt, sofi.. haha~~