Thursday, April 16, 2009


i only get to know bout ma frens' blog TODAY and they dont even bother to tell me about their BLOG for all these YEARS??

yeah maybe i was a bit exaggerating, but come on guys.. i was in the dark these days thinking that you guys dont OWN a blog, thats why i dont bother asking. and to know the truth, i am waaay too DISAPPOINTED. i mean, how hard it is to post me a comment and leave your bloglink, eh?? is it difficult just to drop by and say hello? or even assalamualaykum, much better. ahhh but that wasnt my point. *sigh*

i knew fawwaz has a blog but i cant get through it, dunno whether he'd deleted it or something. irfan just left me a comment LATELY and thank you so much, i get to know about your blog TODAY! and sharaf, thank you also for NOT telling me. i appreciate that. really.

and i get the chance to pass through the blogs of shake, bunyamin, mira, sarah, amir, shahrir, meo, kak sufi, najibah, fatehah lotpi and not forgetting ma frens in smart; nantini, azreeza and aimi. nad, update is needed!! and alli, your blog is making me dizzy, always with the detailed stuffs and a lot of thinking!! haha. i always love eric's blog, full of wonderful bookz!! and nicole's, with amazing destinations to visit!! ahh i wish i can get to travel abroad some days soon. be patience, ain. soon enough you'll travel. lol.

and where was i just now?

ha, those silly rambling bout the blogs. i wonder how many of my FRIENDS haven't told me a SINGLE thing about their blogs.

and you must be thinking; does it matter if they dont tell YOU that? its a simple thing, no need to be so upset. maybe they wanna keep some privacy. maybe they just DONT like you know about it. maybe.. maybe..

whatever u said, i dont care because..

yes. it matters. to me.


  1. hello!!~~~~hahahaha..hey...kau x penah sentuh lgsg sal blog kau eyh..amboih2...huhu

  2. u never ask bout our why should we tell

    and take car of ur car...i have OCD towards cars....

  3. irf-so i NEED to ASK to get to know yours, eh. and leavin even a SINGLE comment is WAAAY TOO DIFFICULT for u guys.. owh seems like i figured that out already.
    whatever u said. not MY car, its my dad's.

    shake-yelah, at least aku say 'hello' kat blog ko kan.. untok menunjukkan kehadiran aku.. tak mcm SESETENGAH orang.. ~lalala..~
    kiut gamba ko, shake.. cam princess jek aku nengok.. hehe

  4. Hoho okay, I didn't know that you hv a blog, hahaha..

  5. adoi,xpasal2 dh kena marah dh ni huhuhu..bkn xnk ckp..ritu sape yg salah eja name blog die huh??kita tgk xupdate2 lgsg so xdela ckp..hahahah yela2..patik mintak ampun ye tuan hamba huhuh

  6. sarah-u r excepted, dear.. haha, no offense.

    sharaf-and now ur blamin ME?? uh okay, i got it now.

  7. just felt like laughing......

    but i did leave a comment right???

    baek la tuh...

    who cares who's car it is....just please don't hurt them....hehe

  8. hahaha im nt saying i jst telling u wat really happend yerk lol..

  9. btw sblum stat membebel..siapakah anda?

  10. whatever guys.. no point in arguing, guess i just have to let it go.. okay. fine. case's closed.

    and amir.. hehe. i dunno you either. cant get thru ur blog oso. lol.

  11. tq2... singahlah lg...

    keep on blogging!!!!!!!!!

  12. ahahaha,pah mengalah!!!!yes2,akhirnya menang betekak ngan ko ngehehehe..boleh la fight blk pasni klo ade gaduh,kn pan? hehehehe

  13. no problem, meo..

    whatever la sharaf ooii, aq malas je nk bertekak lebih2 sbb mmg aq sure aq akn menang punye.. hehe. aku bg chance kat ko merasai nikmat yang sementara ni, hahaha...