Sunday, May 10, 2009


lets switch to geeky mood, everyone.

went to times square yesterday and wandered around with ma friends. stopped at borders. never know there's a bookstore named borders; other than mph, popular, kinokuniya, mbs and pustaka saujana.

my first impression when i had a look at the fiction side: GOSH, I LOOOVE IT!!!

it was like a LIBRARY. the tall shelves were plastered to the wall, with few small shelves in the center. there were LOTS of them. the NOVELS.

filled with giddiness and anticipation, i walked along the way; smelling the books, touching and savouring the moment of excitement. the next round; i started to search for the names of familiar authors.

Jodi Picoult, Nora Roberts, Judith McNaught, Sophie Kinsella, Barbara Delinsky, Meg Cabot, Danielle Steel, Tami Hoag, Fern Michaels, James Patterson, Cecilia Ahern...


its SUSAN ELIZABETH PHILLIPS!!!! omygodomygodomygod i cant freakingly believe this!!

this heart of mine. done. first lady. done. dream a little dream. done. nobody's baby but mine. done. heaven, texas. done. match me if you can. done. ain't she sweet. done.

then there's the KISS AN ANGEL! awww, id be damned if i din buy it. thats the first novel i chose followed by picoult's plain truth, mcnaught's tender moment and roberts' high noon. wasting money? nay, do i even care??

turned out i had only rm20 in my purse. hehehe. cant withdrew money cuz only got rm50 in maybank and rm43 in cimb. hahaha. no worries, guess ill just have to be patient waiting for my daddy's rm200 next week. lalalala~~

but i was kinda frustrated as the phillips' novels were not ALL sold there. if i manage to find the others, i am 100% sure i'll take em without thinking twice. whether i had money or not. i'll do whatever it takes to get a hold of her other novels:

1. Just Imagine
2. Lady Be Good
3. It Had To Be You
4. Breathing Room

i mean it. WHATEVER it takes to get em. i'll do it. TRY ME.

ps. finished reading kiss an angel this morning at 1pm. mcnaught's next.


  1. wait3,u read picoult's book too???sibuk je die nih hehehe..n i've read plain truth..a good story,tats 4 sure..