Saturday, May 09, 2009

sick vs kind

the world is full of sick people.

1. the girl was getting ready to ride the bus. the way she said goodbye to her boyfriend: touching her cheek to his twice and a quick kiss to his mouth. off she went. i don give a damn care if she's australian or american or chinese. she is a MALAY. and MUSLIM.

2. the guys were smoking on the pavement. along the road. on the stairs. the way they smoked: huffing and puffing as if they had all the time to show off the art of filling their lungs with poisonous smoke. i don give a damn care if they gonna get zillions of incurable diseases some days soon. i hate being SICK. and CANCER.

3. the punks, emos and bangladeshis were hanging out everywhere. the way they talked among themselves: like everybody wanna hear every single words that came out from their mouth. like the street was stamped with the name of their father. like they can do whatever they want. like every people adore the sight of them idling around. i don give a damn care if they wanna waste their precious time doing nonsense. but please dont STARE. at ME.

4. i was asked to wait for few minutes at the monorail station next to kl sentral. the way i showed my patience: refused to sit down on either the chair or stairs, reading few pages of susan elizabeth phillips's kiss an angel and tuning in to i don give a damn care if the few minutes she said was really few. it was HOURS. almost TWO fucking hours.

to balance the equlibrium, the world is also full of kind people.

1. the auntie tried to start a conversation with me while i was staring at the people. she asked me questions. i answered. i asked her. she answered. it was only for a brief moment. later she sat on the stairs. waiting PATIENTLY. for his HUSBAND to turn up.

2. the uncle a.k.a monorail security guard checked me out several times. asked me, 'waiting for who?'. few minutes passed. he telled me, 'go sit down on the chair over there'. another hour passed. as i walked past him and said 'i am going back home', he chuckled and said 'that's the result of being loyal, eh?'. he might be thinking i was waiting for my boyfriend to come. and i was going to stay overnight in his house. let him be. i was to tired to ARGUE. very TIRED.

3. the uncle a.k.a uia security guard let me in although it was past 10pm. he asked the uncle taxi to pull over by the side of the road. i din mind walking along the road from the gate to the zainab college at 10.30pm. i asked the uncle taxi to keep the change, raised my hand slightly to show respect when he drove out. i turned the phone off when she called. and i started walking. with a long stride, on purpose. let's not elaborate on the tears. only the HEART. plus BROKEN in the end.

on second thought, i wonder if i stayed a little longer waiting in the station, i might be able to observe the routine of sick humans and jotted the habits down on a piece of paper. and the list might be more than 3. maybe 100. 1000.

she should've made me wait for another two hours. two DAYS would be fine.

oh, btw.. standing and waiting while wearing heels for almost two hours din sound too pathetic, right? its just hilarious. hahaha. lets savour the moment even for a while.


  1. oh poor my dearie pah.
    waiting for who? if only i was there..we can be back right on time :) plus u can get me my present. haha kiddin2. jgn sedih2 lagi :)

  2. haha! i GAVE ur present ady, my dear. sory its not really quite a 'gift'..

    btw, the thought that counts aite?? hahaha