Friday, May 08, 2009


so i survived my journey today. back at 6.30pm and rushed to pray.

technically, i aint lying to ma mom. said to her ma friend farah will accompany me to the appoinment. what i din tol ma mommy was that farah then decided to go back to kuantan in the eleventh hour. and i din bother looking for another. bein INDEPENDENT is just so awesome. dont u agree?? hahahah
then ma mom called jus now askin how the appoinment's goin. i said i got back here already. look, nothing happened to me! u should trust me for goin ALONE in the first place. for gossake i am 19!

got ma ic. enrolled in the beading courses. attended appoinment. MISSIONS ACCOMPLISHED!

somehow i recalled the moment i stepped out from the iium's gate, waiting for the bus. caught some students glaring at ma feet. first i thought 'well, i got a nice pair of white peep-toe-wedges.. i dont blame them for staring...'

turned out i was s0 damn wrong. i heard them whispering, 'die tak pakai sarung kaki? bleh lepas plak...'

shoot me. i hopped on to the bus asap to avoid further self-embarassment.

what? do u need to put on a face like THAT? btw, what u gonna do if i din wear 'em? sue me? try it then!

i'll see u in court!

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