Monday, May 04, 2009


25 things bout meself:

1. several attempts to change this layout to pink-3-column-template but to no avail - lazy...
2. spending most of the time dreaming~~ lalala
3. cant wait to finish reading all the novels. wohoooo!!
4. wanna find a job and own $$$$$, especially.
5. wanna go travelling to London and Korea alone. ALONE.
6. wanna write and publish own novel. did i mention laziness earlier?
7. wanna get a diploma in 3d animation
8. wanna craft cute dollhouses for sales. awww....
9. LOVE arts and crafts
10. dreaming on becoming an actress. bleh.
11. hate combing ma hair. duh, who cares?
12. hate make-ups. a definite no-no. ugh.
13. hate that i am trapped in this situation and helpless!
14. hate that i cannot do anything i want to. duh.
15. part of evil-me wanna sneak out to a nightclub. lololol.
16. and watch a live concert. i. am. so. dead.
17. can i NOT be a doctor?
18. hate to hate people
19. like to do things MY way
20. dislike physics. like sleeping. hehe.
21. hate el-jerkos and a-holes. hate extra-gedix and over-perasan biatches.
22. hate remembering birthdays or any dates. short-term-memory loss.
23. secret wish: marry a rich and charming guy.
24. okay, and have baby boys or twins.
25. told ya, i AM a DREAMER. lol.

sharaf, i am so gonna kill you for making me admit all these things. haha~

i would like to tag: nad, alli, aimi, azreeza, nantini, shake, julia, sarah, irfan, farah, dee. if u guys got the time to do this taggy thingy, i appreciate it. really.

and YOU too!!! theehee...


  1. Kak Pah, I did this just a few weeks ago!
    I tagged Raja Syahmi, and he tagged Sharaf. Sharaf tagged you, and you tagged me again! LOL.
    Anyway, you can just browse through my April 2009 posts if you want to read the 25 random things that I babbled about.
    Oh yeah, I have a dream of getting my novels published too.LAZINESS! :P
    It's good to be a dreamer, you know. As I am ONE. ^-^

  2. get back to u at last, eh??? lol
    welcome to the dreamers club, sarah!

  3. waaaaahhh!!!! nawal and farEEz!!!!
    welcome welcome!!
    nice move, babes!!! lolol

  4. are you tagging me???
    i am thinking ot 25 things about me, will post it soon
    thank you

    turut berduka cita atas pembunuhan tikus, may it rest in peace

  5. yeah.. hehe. ima doin it merely for fun, actually...

    huhuhu i had tears in ma eyes thinkin bout the rat. =)

  6. hahaha its kinda our secret, nad. dont let ANY of ma family knows bout this. lolol.