Thursday, May 07, 2009


tomorrow ive got quite a long to-do list:
1. pick ma new ic at jabatan pendaftaran. hop on lrt, get down at bandaraya n walk quite few miles to get there.
2. get to the 'bead artistry' place to survey on the courses offered. lrt, down at pasar seni. walk again.
3. ma 'braces' appoinment at ampang. erm, this 1 im not so sure maself. get lrt and down at ampang park? get the bus? ermm think ill just do the try-and-error tomorrow. after all, i cant be lost ryte? errr... well...

yeah, speaking of which here is the interesting part. see??

hahah! big apple's coupons!! lets see. get 3 donuts for rm5 (usually rm6.60). get free 3 donuts for purchase of a box of 6 donuts. free 6 donuts for purchase of 12 donuts (gave to nad earlier). iced cappucino for rm4 (usually rm6.50) with purchase of 12 donuts (gave to atiqa).

wahwahwah cant wait to get ma hands on the doooonuts!!! let's have a donut party, guys!!

am thinking of playing the sims after updating. well, i got no more class. that's why. yeah i know next week's final exam. but tomorrow never die, right? except if i die first then there will be no tomorrow at all, but.. well... erm..

talking about death, suddenly it reminds me of me rat.

poor rat. look, i din mean to kill ya in the first place. the lecturer asks me to do so. please dont blame me for ur short span of life. i know u might want to enjoy your life as i am doing right now, but.. unfortunately u had a medic student killed you for the sake of completing her experiment. and i AM your bloody murderer. please dont pay a visit in ma dream tonight. nad isnt here, she's goin back to kuantan. but yun might come over.

somehow, please FORGIVE me for taking ur life away. may god bless ur soul.

okay. so i am crapping now. better go perform ma isya' prayer.

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