Tuesday, May 19, 2009


somewhere in the inner part of a unique place where the temperature is around 37'C or 98'F...

handso: look, ive had enough with you already! why dont you just write something on it??
braid: i am plain lazy. thats it.
handso: lazy? come on, you had enough rest for like... almost a week. and you said you are LAZY? gimme other solid reason!
braid: i have no idea what to tell. reasonable enuf??
handso: wtf? lame one, pal. i know u got like zillions other thingies and stuffies u wanna blurt out to them. just shake the bluff, will ya??
braid: aint gonna do it, mate. look, there's NO DIFFERENCE whether i post it or not. mind your own business, okay.
handso: it IS my goddamn business. i have this sense of hardworkingness and geekiness all along, and YOU ruin it! by not allowing me to work!
braid: whaddya mean? i dont get it. if u really wanna write, just write. dont blame me for your own clumsiness.
handso: you f***ing idiot! YOU are the one who controls everything! and YOU cant even get your sorry ass to work for these days! YOU prevent me from working. YOU dont let me move. YOU are the lazy one. so YOU are the one who should be blamed!
braid: okay. i wanna get some sleep. got anything else?

handso: sleep? SLEEP? all u ever think now is SLEEP? wake up, BRAIN!! get moving! keep posting on your blog. as one of your HANDS, i cant do anything if you dont send those neurons whatsoever to me to allow me to work!! you moron, get back here!! dont sle....zzzzzzz...

due to the plain stubborness and laziness of the braid a.k.a brain, the handso a.k.a hand cant do anything to maintain the constant posts to this blog. lots of apologies from the handso.

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