Tuesday, June 30, 2009

d'medcy 2

here's what the medcy's agm looked like on that so-called auspicious night...

ladies of the emcees.... i am so proud of you guys.. go go go!! :)

sejuk... mata memandang... :)

adeh, salah teknik ar.. should raise ma hand higher...

mommy... wait for me~~~

knock3.. anybody home?? adeh sakit pinggang aku, kata madam dalam hati.

tada!! eh3 nape kuar ikut bumbung? pintu kecik sangat eh?? :)

the presentation of the nominees

warm-up session before the fighting started

eh2 ape yang berlaku ni, kata brader yang di tengah tu..

whoa3.. ini dah adegan 18SX ni.. eh silap2 18PG ker eh?? huhu~~

hey hey hey, put me down!!

adli: sharaf, aku mintak maaf sangat2.. maafkan aku ye... sob3
aharaf: takpe2 adli, aku maafkan ko.. sob3

last-minute poem entitled 'wahai pelajar perubatan??' by asyrafuddin

the chosen commitees

baiah session

miss siti hajar officially agreed to the chosen commitees by signing the sheet

sooo, what say you?? :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

d'genius 2

so these are some previews of what happened that night. due to the slow wireless connectivity when i wrote the earlier post regarding this event, i cant upload em. now im glad i can show you guys all the pictures. enjoy!!

see the backdrop? interesting!!

is she smiling? geez, i din even turn my back to take this pic.

three guys in charge of the multimedia presentation and the emcee girl :)

madam gave us the meaningful speech...

the fellow nominees

their seats were in front of all of us!!

and why did this pic get to be here? not for me, for her.. :)

the poet and the poem in the poetic environment

all the poets on the stage

the nasheedians

afifi, the best candidate for the vice president's post of engenius. the DQ bro i mentioned earlier.

cool and wonderful pictures, aite? hmm, lets wait for the medcy's then you can compare between the two of em.


i dare say that the medcy’s agm was not up to my expectation at all. it was only a so-so event; sorry to say, down one level compared to the engenius’s.

the empty backdrop disappointed me the most. and the brochure of tentatives?? in my opinion, those flaws indicated the unprepared and the unwillingness of the committees in charge. although it seems like a minor mistake, it is big enough for certain people who expected more from medcy.

for the number of brothers attending the ceremony, i felt sorry for medcy. maybe the brothers all went balik kampung, that explained the small number of them. after all, it was friday, aite?? of course the guys were all homesick and miss their lovely mommy

it struck me that the ladies overpower the gentlemen in the emcees department. to prove it, two young gals were the emcees that night. soft-spoken and talented. english dorang berhabuk, wa cakap sama lu… the guy-in-charge for the multimedia presentation again didn’t pay much attention to the person on stage. he was busy talking on the phone!! mind ya, next time be alert okay!

the gimmick was hee-lay-ree-ous, tell ya. the cute little pink house with extra-small door represented the creative way sciences students’ think. couldn’t they make it any smaller? madam susilawati sure appreciated their effort if she didn’t have to bow down and hurt her back just to knock the door three times. and had the theme of the ceremony got anything to do with no more nerds, just jokers?? if that’s true, guess the mission accomplished.

i love the words of wisdom from our madam susilawati. i remembered her saying almost like this, the knowledge that is bestowed upon you is an amanah, not a privilege, so you have to work harder and excel in your studies here. i will keep that in my memory forever, madam. as for the brief presentation by the treasurer, i was sorry to say that the nervousness was seen clear as crystal on his face. he stammered frequently and i had no idea what was he gonna say. it’s better he just mentioned the balance amount of money left and let the slide did all the talking.

when i received the list of nominess, i was like, ‘good lord, why so many of them? and we had to choose only three from 14 or 15 candidates? sure gotta do a hell lot of thinking…’ and we had to choose the best three based on the power point presentation. again, i was like, ‘god, the slides are moving so fast that i cant even read all their characteristics and think which one is better. how can i vote?’ felt defeated, i passed my paper to izza and lifted the page of my novel. ‘nah, aku ikut je la ko nak undi sape2 pun, aku tak kisah…’ it turned out that the juniors were all aware of the candidates during pre-agm which was held several days before. haha, guess we better not attend the event that night as we skipped the pre-agm. i mean, why do we have to have the pre and the real agm? why don’t we just skip all the messiness and crappiness of it, and let the advisors pick just 3 best students to nominate for certain post and let us choose from there? wouldn’t that will save our precious time??

i think the climax of the ceremony was the stunts done by adli, sharaf and the gang. guys, speak loudly, please. and clearly. and hide your smile. all of us can barely heard the words you guys said. only the haa and hee managed to slip into our ears. what was that all about? we can only appreciate the cat-and-dog-fight among you guys, but not the details. on why you guys so hating each other. on why you guys need to shout in a high-pitched frequency. on why you guys have to run from the back of the hall up to the front and on the stage. later when you guys were aware of the use of a microphone, then we can almost got the points.

asyrafuddin recited the lines of the poem starting with, ‘wahai pelajar perubatan…’ then the sisters at the back said, ‘aik, pelajar perubatan je?’. me and izza looked at each other, grinned. there went the discrimination of the medic students against other members in medcy. i din meant to put it that way, but did the ‘biased thinking’ do exist in our community? i din even aware of it. thanks for the info, guys.

there was a time when the emcee mentioned that a song will be played for a while to calm the situation. i was wondering of the purpose of the song, actually. why, they cant find any nasheed singers to perform till they had to play the song from the speaker, eh?? till then i realized that that was part of the stunts. suddenly sharaf shouted from the back of the hall and the monotonous fighting routine began. again.

despite all the problems, i truly touched by the sensitivity of the committees who didn’t forget the quranic recitation in the beginning of the ceremony. as well as the al-mulk recitation in the end. that absolutely covered up almost all the flaws in the event. however, the guy who recited doa in engenius was better than in medcy’s. sorry, no offense.

and there went the refreshment: a hotdog!! yay, and all the problems and the mistakes of the earlier event were quickly forgotten. long live the hotdog! :)

Friday, June 26, 2009


it wasn’t as bad as i thought. the engenius’s agm (annual grand meeting) on thursday, june 25th was okay.

the traditional theme suited the event nicely. almost 500 students were cramped in the al-malik faisal hall (amf); sat on the mats gracefully (impatiently…), waiting for the ceremony to begin. the emcee announced the arrival of the vips. fyi, the master of the ceremony is a sister, i wonder if there’s no any other brother who’s man enough to take the challenge to be one. as many events i attended, the responsibility of the emcee always be on the sisters’. why, the brothers all coward, eh??

we stood to respect the vips. then we sat down. after that, we stood again to sing negaraku, asmaul husna and cfs song. i wonder if the committees are all aware of the sit-stand-sit-stand routine after all. cant they play the songs right after the vips came in? is this some kind of indirect torture??

the highlight of this event was to appoint new line-up to be a part of the engenius’s mainboard (vice presidents, assistant secretary and assistant treasurer). they walked in and up on the stage. they took their seat in front of the audience. yes, in front. omg, how can they manage to stay calm in their seat in front of all the people? for gossake, if i were in their shoes, i definitely interpret this situation as a pain humiliation and i will not be able to stop swaying my legs, staring and squirming in my seat.

in any kind of event, the ‘speech-time’ is the most awaited moment to take place. luckily the programme manager, anas delivered his speech briefly. then went the advisor. then the erm... the deputy head or something gave her speech. as we were busily chattering and laughing, she then said, “brothers and sisters, do you hear me?”. we kept silent. me and izza looked at each other, smiled. whoa, you got us madam. served us right. we aint suppose to talk while you were talking, aite? three rows of speeches made us disoriented for a while, lucky you transferred us back to reality. how nice of you. thank you madam. we will listen to you intently from now on.

the nominees, i realised were hilarious…. i meant it in a good way, of course. me and izza gave a special nickname for half of em. there’s the storyteller (the way she spoke resembled the way a girl was telling a story in a competition), the machoguy (his image on the screen was super-duper-handsome), the maturedbro (a darul-quran bro with a beard-and-moustache like the ustaz) and the confident (she spoke with a loud tone several times to express her courage). from my personal view, i don’t think we really need to list all sorts of different posts that we held in the former school. who cares if you are the president of chess club or the national debater? what matters is how you speak in front of us with confidence. your manifesto, of course is a series of sweet lies made up by you (i assume) but there’s no need at all to brag!! and you told us on why you really really want to hold the post. you praised yourself and told us how hardworking you are. a bit harsh, maybe to say that it’s all a series of nonsense.

as for the multimedia show, the graphics were creative and innovative. the designs of the new logo and the bureaus were fantastic. the words were made to be large enough for the back audience to see them. nice job. but the committees in charge of the power point din seem to pay much attention to the person on the stage. as they were busy talking with themselves, they paid no heed to the sister up there when she said next!!, asking for another slide to be shown. when the sister said next! for the third time, and the audience repeated next!, then the guys there quickly clicked, the next slide appeared. it is sure a tiring job eh, sitting there all time monitoring the laptops. one thing i managed to take notice of was the hairstyle of the committees. some of them got ‘spiky’ hair, in which i found it rather… cool. don’t ya think so??? haha.

time for the poem recitation. the lights were turned off immediately. it took us by surprise. the first poet stood at the back of the hall, reciting his line with the torch’s light shone at him. the second poet then recited her line in the middle of the sisters’ rows. the third one came from the brothers’ side. the idea was creative, actually. but their voices were unclear and drowned in the sea of noisiness among the audience. in the end of the show when all of the poets stood on the stage, then a voice was heard, ‘aku.. adalah aku..’ from the brothers’ side, mimicking the tone of the poets. all heads turned to the voice, thinking if there might be another poet left there. suddenly they all laughed as the so-called poet line was a joke. haishhh, budak-budak engin memang macam ni la, kan…. (hey, it’s a compliment!)

averagely, it was a successful event. the flaws were there, but there were not too obvious, i guess. the post-mortem session might help for improvements.

after all, i know. it is difficult to organise a 100% flawless and successful event. speaking based on own experience, yes indeed.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


you know why do people love babies?

cuz they are cute.


and bring a bundle of joy to the parents.

ps. dunno why am i writing this. could someone please tell me why??? :)

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


thanks for the tags, guys. got loads of em comin. i'll do em la8r kay!!! :)

for now, i am kinda depressed.

1. i want my LAPTOP back!! sent my baby for service, turned out there's the problem with the motherboard. almost two weeks still got no good news, lor!!

2. saw a friend with PINK VAIO LAPTOP and i want that too!! someday i'll buy it!! I WILL!!

3. i just bought my THE SIMS 3 but darn it, cant play without my lappie!! ARGHH!!

4. why is that our 1000 bucks allowance still not in yet?? huhuhu~~~