Sunday, June 28, 2009

d'genius 2

so these are some previews of what happened that night. due to the slow wireless connectivity when i wrote the earlier post regarding this event, i cant upload em. now im glad i can show you guys all the pictures. enjoy!!

see the backdrop? interesting!!

is she smiling? geez, i din even turn my back to take this pic.

three guys in charge of the multimedia presentation and the emcee girl :)

madam gave us the meaningful speech...

the fellow nominees

their seats were in front of all of us!!

and why did this pic get to be here? not for me, for her.. :)

the poet and the poem in the poetic environment

all the poets on the stage

the nasheedians

afifi, the best candidate for the vice president's post of engenius. the DQ bro i mentioned earlier.

cool and wonderful pictures, aite? hmm, lets wait for the medcy's then you can compare between the two of em.


  1. Haha, I rasa tak payah tunggu pics Medcy pun boleh tau.
    Sorry to say this but though I'm a Medcy-ian, and by judging from these pictures, I can sense that Engenius is FAR MORE AWESOME!

  2. ur sense turns out to be true, im afraid so. huhu.

    sarah, abis la kite kene blacklist ngan committee medcy pasni. hahaha...

  3. er... who? her?
    hmm.. if i tell ya, then i'll be dead 10 seconds from now. haha.
    sorry, cant tell ya. girls stuff. :)

  4. I know who's 'HER'. Who's SHE, I mean..:P

  5. Oh yeah.. Depan diorang (committees) I ckp best2, tapi kat belakang kutuk2, hahaha...:P

  6. you know, sarah?? huhu
    yeah sarah, nanti aku gtau committee medcy eh... lol