Tuesday, June 30, 2009

d'medcy 2

here's what the medcy's agm looked like on that so-called auspicious night...

ladies of the emcees.... i am so proud of you guys.. go go go!! :)

sejuk... mata memandang... :)

adeh, salah teknik ar.. should raise ma hand higher...

mommy... wait for me~~~

knock3.. anybody home?? adeh sakit pinggang aku, kata madam dalam hati.

tada!! eh3 nape kuar ikut bumbung? pintu kecik sangat eh?? :)

the presentation of the nominees

warm-up session before the fighting started

eh2 ape yang berlaku ni, kata brader yang di tengah tu..

whoa3.. ini dah adegan 18SX ni.. eh silap2 18PG ker eh?? huhu~~

hey hey hey, put me down!!

adli: sharaf, aku mintak maaf sangat2.. maafkan aku ye... sob3
aharaf: takpe2 adli, aku maafkan ko.. sob3

last-minute poem entitled 'wahai pelajar perubatan??' by asyrafuddin

the chosen commitees

baiah session

miss siti hajar officially agreed to the chosen commitees by signing the sheet

sooo, what say you?? :)


  1. all i can say is
    "go go engenius go!"

    sorry to say, but yea i did expect medcy peeps to prove that HMS students aren't nerds.

    it did say in the doorbill that to prove that HMS students aren't nerds, you shld come to the AGM.

    okay, technically i did, now what? :D

  2. i used to join da agm..

    buhsan is da only word dat i cud say~


  3. haha. liz..liz.. i shall not betray the medcy people, thus i prefer to keep my mouth shut on that topic. ahahahhh :)

    eny dear, yes ur right.. :)

  4. hmmm...agm?
    stakat ni aku penah skali seumur idop je datang agm presss...wakakaka

    tp nmpak cam best je agm medcy...
    yg bab gadoh2 tu...(nampak sgt aku suke tgok org gadoh ek?)

  5. nampak cam best.. hm ye kot. ahahahh ko tu memang... :)