Sunday, July 12, 2009

:) :) :)

most exciting event happened this evening: ICE SKATING IN SUNWAY!! :)

balancing for the sake of gettin a nice pic

me and fatin

even though we were not very good in ice-skating, but we managed to move around peacefully. er.. minus the three times of falling awkwardly on the icy ice.. everything seemed to be A okay. well, an hour of skating was fun and enjoyable. to take the handsome and cute guys into account, i can say... the experience was totally unforgetable. lol.

most adventurous event last friday: A VISIT TO PPUM

yuni, nad and me

one of us got a referral letter from uia's clinic to ppum, so the three of us went there to settle the operation thingy. opss did i mentioned an operation?? lets drop that subject. as we were wearing the mask, almost all of the patients stared at us. what.. think we got caught of the H1N1 eh?? why, cant we wear the mask as an earlier precaution?? duh~~

most exciting stuff i plan to complete: KNITTING A PILLOW COVER

orange and yellow

erm, how did i got into all this makcik-makcik stuff in the first place, eh?? well.... no idea :) and im planning on getting to the next level of learning the knitting by learning it from my self-called-teacher when i get back home.

so loooong, my friends!! :)


  1. Whoa, knitting?
    Nak belajar jugakla hehehe..

  2. weyhh gi skating x ajak kte!!!nk majuk ar camnie...hoho..jeleshnye!!dh lame x g skate..wahaha

  3. sarah, welcome to the club!! :)

    farah, kay next time kite g sesame!!! :)