Thursday, July 02, 2009


first thing first. never in my life i got so lucky. in lucky draw session, i meant. and that night, during the annual general meeting (AGM) of culture and arts club, i got it, yay!! guess i shall stick to my lucky number, 71 from now on... :) astaghfirullah, syirik tu kot..

the excited state right after getting the so-called-prize

speaking of which, the AGM was even not that bad. pretty fine, i think. as im a loyal ex-g'rimis member, i dont wanna condemn too much on my beloved club. hehe. but i try not to be biased. culture and arts club now is the new name for the combination of the former two arts club here, G'RIMIS and GETAR.

the brothers attending the AGM

the sisters; mostly juniors

our emcee, farah farhanah :)

our charismatic president, akmal hakim

our soft-spoken advisor, madam zairila julia

the manifesto of nominees

lucky draw session :)

so that was the picture of the nasheed group who performed that night. the group is called.. erm.. cant remember the group's name.. huhu. they sang three songs; di manakah abi, why and senyum. di manakah abi is a lame song, even in G'RIMIS's last year's event the song had been performed several times. and why.. i think that is the same song been performed by the engenius's nasyeed group in their agm. hmmm.. lame. and senyum? come on, the song is so common, lor... even my grandma knows that song. why dont you guys pick up different and brand-new songs next time? well, its only a suggestion...

and here's 2 out of 4 of the chosen mainboard from the juniors.

now im patiently waiting for the next event: introduction to CAC..... :)


  1. farah farhanah?my fren!send my regard to her!


    i miss cfs!

  2. owh really??? cool... :)

    yup i will, eny! :)

  3. owh eny,huhu..ingt ag kat kte..ngeh3..weyh aen!!amek gmbr org x mntk permissiOn..hoho..nak gmbr tue..wahhh...kebas kaki tgnku bile ingt balek AGM tue..walaweyhh

  4. haha mitak maap farah... aku mintak izin amik gamba ko ek.. hahahaha ok jek ko jadi mc beb.. super-co0l :)