Tuesday, August 04, 2009


yupp. a human skeleton. in chemistry lab A. we were trying to identify the names of each part of the bones, might as well took his picture. look, he's smiling... :)

easy there, pal.. lemme move you to a more comfy zone, kay.

there ya go.. yeah, looks like i was proposing to mr.bones but i am so totally not. just trying to figure out the number of his finger bones.

awww, dont be shy.. these girls were just playing around with ya. dont take it to your heart... opsie, you.. dont have a heart, dont ya?? sorry.

actually, i am currently watching bones. the tv series, if you know what i meant.

they are just awesome. the fbi guy and the squints... :)


  1. what if it's the real human bone and he's smiling??? :D
    been some times not stop by here. i trust you in good health

  2. haha then i'll be screamin on top of my lungs.. and running, of course.. :)

    yupp. im in the pink of health.. :)