Friday, August 28, 2009


hopefully i am not too late to comment talk about the iftar of Culture and Arts Club that was held few days ago. as i am NOT a cold-blooded, heartless and rude female who always see bad things in the events organised by uia students, i will try my best bestest to BEHAVE. opsie. wrong emoticon. there you go. lets pray the angel in me manages to last till the end of this post.

the 'voice of charity' night together with the grand iftar. the backdrop is not bad cool, eh? you guys might wanna check out G'RIMIS iftar's last year. click here (PART 1) and here for PART 2. let us all compare the backdrop; which one is the most beautiful? last year's, i think.

see? i might not be able to peep into the hole of the brother's side but i DID know that the sisters were a lot more than the brothers. i told you so.

afiqah and our ex-advisor of G'RIMIS, madam ros. and her daughters. cute. :)

the celebrated orphans. 40 of them altogether, as been told by farah farhanah. they were not wearing their uniform this year; make easy for them to blend in with the others.

the committed commitees. too busy handling the event and strive for the excellence. too busy having their 'buka puasa' meal and forgot to tidy up the sisters' side after solat; so that the brothers can have their place to sit. as i said, too committed in everything they do. hey, wassup with the strike? its a good thing to say, right?

a total sum of money was given to the representative of the orphans. minutes later, a souvenir then was given. again. they do not bother to give those two together in one round only. and dontcha think it migh.... shut up, dont say anything, will ya?

guess who? hafiz, hafiz who? yupp, you got it right. hafiz hamidun, this was the second time he came to our iftar conducted by G'RIMIS. and also the second time he mentioned about the number of brothers attended the event that night. semua gi solat terawih, as they said. or not interested to come to this kind of event? oppss..

why, unbelievable eh? he performed two songs from his latest album 'Syukran'. One of 'em was 'For Allah'. he bragged talked about his success in completing the whole album in 30 minutes only. yeah, whatever.

believe it or not, MAWI came to our event!!! look closer! and look twice!

okay, you win. he is muadz, not mawi; although they may seem alike if we look at him once. thats why i asked you to look twice. duh.
he sang 'ansar muhajirin' and 'stand up'. yess. the same 'stand-up' in the leadtrain event. we sang with him together, energetically.

ohoho, they were not a nasheed group, okay. just the unlucky draw session. as usual. our madam zairila juria was in blue, standing next to najibah in purple.

akustika group from nilai with the song 'semalam' and 'permataku'. the middle one is good. they say, nilai students are the creative ones. i kinda agree.

ohoho, haa this one was the nasheed group called 'maroon 6'. the girl was in charge of the props as well as the guy beside her (buyat). the two in middle were the guitarist and keyboardist but they forgot to bring their instruments that night. the two with the microfons were of course the vocalists. what, tak pecaye ye?
haha, this was another unlucky draw session, lah.

the d'ilham from petaling jaya. their intro song: wonderpets theme song, isnt that hilarious? they were not bad at all, quite entertaining actually.

the cute talented nasheedian from etika.

as the old men say, save the best for the last. cant agree more.

the rest of the group; with az-ziarah and pemergianmu. nice choice of songs! i think etika is the must-invite-group in any event that'll be held in uia. they are super awesome!

saljuk group with their songs. hm. boleh tahan la..

so, of all the nasheedians performed that night, which one is the BEST among the BEST?
please send your votes to 1313, press 1 for akustika, 2 for... okay, enough said.

i choose etika to be on top of my list. who's with me?