Saturday, August 15, 2009


i bid them goodbye. afiqah then said, 'eh ain, taknak stay ke.. meh la join post-mortem skali..'
i gently declined. not that i hate to be around 'em, but i prefer to do my own version of post-mortem by myself as i was neither the committee nor the mainboard people.
taknak bende yang same berulang kembali time post-mortem..
to save time, they did the backdrop on one piece altogether. hm, nice idea. but the evil me whispered that the committees actually hate to deal with the mesiness and difficulty of pinning each alphabet to the board, let alone decorating the whole board. it was called centredrop then,
not backdrop anymore.

my friend, farah farhanah and her partner saifuldin. one in pink and the other black. werent the emcees should be wearing the same colour? they looked akward. or am i just being mean?
the junior-programme-manager. my first impression: skema giler dowh.
the president of fscc, brother adib farhan. oh, my mistake. the president of FSCC. a lil respect for the mr.president. at first i wondered, why the heck is he here? fssc with cac, cant think of any reason he must be and should be here. then he kinda answered my silent quest, saying that he was invited by the president of cac aka his best buddy to be the vip for the event because our advisor, madam zairila juria couldnt make it.
oh.. reasonable enough then. the cac president of course cannot asked ANYone to be the Very Important Person right? madam zairila juria, yes. she is the important one. but how important is this mr.adib to cac? oh wait a sec, is he the PRESIDENT of the HIGHEST RANK SOCIETY in uia? gee, he is IMPORTANT then.
the head commitees and their assistants were called up on stage by the emcees. obviously, they were definitely caught unaware by this sudden call. heads turned, whispers heard from every angle of the hall 'they dont know that they suppose to be up there? how can it be?'
i wont make any more snide remarks on the presence of the high-status brothers in cfsiiumpj. like any of my words might change their attitude. they came in the middle of the ceremony but left before it was officially ended. tell me, how rude is that?
i admit, the sisters did the same sometimes. but hey, at least we didnt rush out unless something important came up. a bitter fact that the brothers need to accept: in every single event organised in uia, the sisters show much more enthusiasm than the brothers.
proof? the attendance, obviously. and if the brothers suddenly feel the interest to attend, they love to fill up the empty seats at the back rather than the front. easy to leave the hall before it ends, right?
the sketch by stage bureau. a typical title: life as an uia student. i believe the actor who brought it to life was the former GETAR member, muhayat aka buyat. but there were times when their jokes were not even funny. poor you guys. teringat kat abang bai'ah yang sokmo menghidupkan drama2 getar..
aint easy to make people laugh. im aware of that. but reading the script was somehow unacceptable in any show. that's why it was all dry. sorry guys, we werent paying any attention at all.
the sketch was dragged even further by unnecessary acts and the-not-so-funny-clownjokes. i recalled one of the lines by the actor, 'kat dalam uia tak bleh date.. kat luar wajib...' and wouldnt that improptu so-called-joke might lead the juniors to think that it is OKAY to date at any place other than in uia? that the seniors are all making fun of the dating rules in uia? that the date is ALLOWED in islam? guys,

the music bureau and the lively show. those are percussions, right?

the unlucky draw session for me

the d'graphic bureau and their multimedia show presentation. cool + creative

the economic bureau and the brief drama. it turned out to be a REAL brief one. as a matter of fact, it was too short till the message was quite unclear to me. a story about a guy who became rich because he joined the economic bureau of cac back in uia. the end. and what was the mainpoint? oh, did i mention that earlier?

the editorial and literature bureau. a guy showed up reciting his lines of syair. an assault to my ears, no offense though. the sajak girl? extra-dramatic and too much, from my point of view.
berbalas pantun was quite entertaining. the only show my ears agreed to cooperate.
the az-zaura' nasheed group by music/vocal bureau. selawat junjungan was their first song. using the minus one. complete with the music, obviously. and what were the black-shirt-guys with their instruments doing back there?
hello, the nasheedians were using a MINUS ONE. basically, you guys din serve any function at all. the second song was kau sahabat kau teman. although the two guys from left were good, i was still frustrated. for me, it was not an original show. not at all. its pathetic.
note to CAC committees: a gazillion of sorries for the sarcastic comments. i am not feeling like ME today.


  1. the d'graphic bureau and their multimedia show presentation. cool + creative.....yES!! i tOtally agrEe =]

  2. thats very rude of you.
    well, every function have their own weaknesses right? Not that u can't complain it, but at least, in a motivational way.. Think about it. What if people do the same to you. Won't it be hurt?

    Yes, please complain but in a polite way.

  3. its so rude by saying that brothers is not enthusiast to join any prog enough by looking at their attendancy .. if the attendancy are the marker to show whether you are enthusiast or not, then i should say that SISTER IS NOT ENTHUSIAST ENOUGH or should i say not enthusiast at all??? to go to the field or court as their attendancy is ZERO

  4. yeah. like i already expected.

    yes. i agree with the statement that we the sisters r not enthusiast AT ALL to go to the field. and i ACCEPT that fact open-heartedly. i dont see it as a problem AT ALL. do you??

    i am SO sorry. i know that feeling very well. promise. next time i wont do it again.

    aik? yana taknak join kutuk kak ain same2 ke? ahahaha

  5. wow~
    come on guys. this is why a blog is created. to set free blogger's inner feelings.
    to me, this 'post-mortem' is very honest.seriously i am impressed by the fact that pah has the guts to jot down all of that program's 'weaknesses'.
    it is actually the high comm members' job to
    take these very honest comments in a positive way.
    if such criticism were not being brought up, then i believe the club itself won't develop and conduct better programs in the future.

  6. god, i am truly touched! teary eyes rite here, jijah. thanx!

    p/s: but i do think ima bit rude there. huhu.

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  8. adeh, dapat gak url ni ek?

    eh3 takpe2. gune bahase arab pun takpe. :)

    komen dan pandangan yang bernas?? uhuk2 terbatuk kejap. :)

    ohoho tidak perlula saudara pinta maaf segala si, itukan silapnya dari pihak gue dong. nggak ada apa2 lah.

    salam ramadon dari gue juga. :)

  9. haha ltih r jd skema....
    besela usahe tangge kejayaan....
    dh sowh cri sdiri,cri jela....
    yela thanx atas nchat ko 2....
    1st time jd drector tme 2....
    btw,sume plakon bidan terjun...
    so nmpak agak kekok jgk la sbrnye...
    bhse arab lg r ak kntoi....

  10. ahahah bejaye gak ko cari ek.. hm, mmg obvious pn actors sume cam tak brape nak besedia.. opss~~

    neway, next time arap2 makin mantop ar show korang ek.. :)

  11. memang pun....
    plakon 2 sume bdak dorm....
    tpakse mrayu sowh dowg blakon...
    k thanx...
    ko xnk blakon?
    dgar cte ko hbat blakon

  12. ko dengar je cite orang, kesahihannya amat2la bertentangan... ahax~

  13. it's seem like u are very good in handling event at UIA . maybe the committees should nominate u to become the next program manager on next coming events in UIA
    i bet it will be a perfect one since u are I-KNOW-EVERYTHING-THAT-SHOULD-BE-DONE-TO-MAKE-AN-EVENT-SUCCESSFUL-
    good luck

  14. oh come on.. i am flattered, thank you sooo much... oh wait a second, is THAT a compliment?? gee, i bet it is.

    u used the word 'seem' right there, so u dont even know that i am REAL GOOD in being the PM ryte? hm, so how come u r so sure i can be the BEST EVER PM in the UIA? only based on the comments i made?

    so i conclude that u judge people whether they're good ONLY because they are GOOD at commenting others. hmmm... sorry to tell you, u r so dead wrong.

    i should restate the last statement. i might KNOW things that should be done but i also KNOW very well that humans DO make mistakes. even if i AM the PM, i cant even make sure the events run smoothly, perfectly. trust me.

    yeah, good luck to me too.

  15. haha ye ye je ko....
    rmai kot kate ko hbat....
    weh asal rmai sgt y komen pasal ni?

  16. amboi, ko nk perli aku pun... agak2 ar weyh. :)

    hahaha. ntah. aku pon tatau le. huhu.

  17. hahaha perli ke?
    it is a compliment la....