Sunday, August 09, 2009


this semester, the lead train (leadership and training program) was somehow be labeled as biased. only the students who take FIM or RIM subject were 'forced' to attend this training, while the others not. obviously, to get the 'FIM/RIM additional mark' was the main intention of some students joining this program.

i wonder if there's no string attached to the event, will the students show their enthusiasm to fully support this program? i doubt so. balik kampung, tutor, quiz, ade keje lain, busy were among the popular excuses to avoid the ruin-my-weekend event like this so-called lead train.

however, i am not against it. tho i got another plan in the book, i persuaded meself to take part in this program. duh, by hook or by crook, we all have to, ryte?

personally, i think the grouping method was interesting. brothers and sisters were divided into smaller groups separately. no more brothers and sisters in the same group, like last year's. some view it as an obstacle in the attempt to widen the horizon to the opposite sex further. some call it irritating as the need to interact with other species was not been satisfied well. some accept the decision and think beyond it rationally. i chose the latter.

the forum entitled 'independence from islamic perspective way' (as written in the brochure) intrigued me. the moderator communicated in english but somehow i pitied him. seriously, not everyone can speak english fluently especially in a forum like that.

when he was like err.. and ahh.. frequently, i can almost feel the tension and nervous vibes surround him that night. when the noise from the students overwhelmed, asking him to speak in bahasa malaysia, i prayed silently 'come on, you can do it, just go on...'. when he stammered and lost words to say, at last i begged 'please, just speak bahasa....'

and when the panel said 'there's something wrong in the question', i was like, uh-oh....

i agreed with the panels. there is NO absolute independence in islam. we depend on Allah totally, we ask for His help and we obey him endlessly. we are not free from the teachings of al-quran, sunnah, syariah, etc. as muslims, we are not free to do whatever we want. we have boundaries. limits.

i quoted the panel's words; Allah laid down choices for us. we are given the freedom to choose. once we chose, we are responsible for our own choice! but if our parent chose the decision for us, are they to be blamed for our failure to live up to the choice?

i overheard nad's conversation with a nenek in the mosque during isya' prayer; 8.30 pm. almost like this;
nenek: dari mana orang ramai-ramai ni?
nad: ni semua pelajar uia, kitorang ade program bla bla bla...

the women prayer space was always empty. except for the regular neneks and opahs coming to the mosque every night. that's why the nenek asked. must be weird for her when suddenly that night, there's almost no empty space anymore. must be a shame for the sisters when they only pray in the mosque once a semester; lead train period only. in fact, i am one of the sisters too.

i admit, the muhasabah session after the forum was kinda cool. the emcees somehow knocked some senses into our heads. insaf aku sekejap. plus, they slipped in few tunes to spice up the session. lucky for us, their voices were melodious. if not, then it would totally spoilt the mood.

qiyamullail session, al-mulk and al-mathurat recitation were all A-okay. the du'a recitation in the closing ceremony (arabic and bahasa version) deserved a compliment. personally, i think what makes a great ceremony is the du'a. in this case, the du'a was super.

there's the time when the emcee asked all the brothers to wear either a songkok or kopiah during the event. they were required to go back to the mahallah if they dont wear one. cute, dontcha think? :)

the gimmicks however, were not as grand as last year's. the technical glitch during the multimedia presentation ruined the surprise. teha lotpi, you did great in emcee department. bravo! :)

despite all minor problems, credit goes to all of the FRC committees who did their best to make the event successfull as planned. humans do make mistakes, dont they?? :)