Thursday, August 13, 2009

LEP 09/10

only one word to describe the language enhancement programme (LEP):


it was like walking down the memory lane, observing the grace movement of the choral speaking team to the right and left, smiling and acting all cute. it was really cute, by the way. all of 'em.

the objective of this event is to enhance the english language among students, obviously. choral speaking competition was specially designed for the level 3 + level 4 english students. while the sermon competition was open for all brothers and sisters.

when i walked into the hall at 9.30pm, i was like, whoaaa...

full house. i bet most of them are juniors. me and farah farhanah moved to the front seats to watch closely. and taking pictures, of course.

by the time we arrived, two turns from the sermon and choral speaking competition already passed. this is group 57 with the title 'you remember allah'. seriously, they remind me of the phantom of opera. they got the third place and winner for the most entertaining performance. they deserved that as they made us all laugh out loud with their so-cute-and-funny show. they even got a kind of gimmick in the end of their performance. cute.

group 60 with the title 'hijab'. all girlish and feminine. the left side with the black selendang represented a girl without hijab while the right side was a hijab-clad gal. at last, the selendangs were all thrown away stylishly. cool.

sister balqis delivered her sermon entitled 'reverting to islam: becoming a malay or a muslim'. she explained the misconception among malaysians who always associate muslim with malay. even the chinese-muslim was given a kain sarong as a gift and she cant see the reason behind the act. she mentioned that it is not the handphone, hotlink or celcom that bring us together; it is ISLAM. she won the first prize.

the two emcees were okay, with their trademarks like ladies and gents..., gosh, never mind.. and always asked the audience 'yes or no??'. the sisters were all supportive indeed but the brothers were.. hmm, as usual.. they were passive. not supportive. kinda rude too. insensitive. not being cooperative. the typical guys. why on earth they cant give full support to all the events, for godsake? come on la weii...

next, brother zulmadi presented the sermon entitled 'the fasting month breeds glutton' in which he said that the month of ramadhan is like the month of business, not the month of fasting. he advised us all not to overdo preparing for eidul fitr like buying unnecessary new clothes and always changing the house curtains. his arabic prounciation of the quranic ayaah should be improved as it is considered a sin not to recite it properly. he was the fourth, brother johari the third while sister najihah hasanah got second place. congratz kak jihah!! :)

group 52 with the title 'damned shaitaan' was damn good, yo. trust me, they were cute. totally. with their cool costumes and energetic show, i kept smiling all the time.

they won the FIRST place, congratz guys! hm, who said the guys who join choral speaking were not gentlemen enuf? i think it was somehow acceptable, not to mention cute oso. :)

and how many times had i mention the word cute in this post? owh come on, truly these kids were undeniably cute. haha. again. coooomeeeel... :)

this is group 56 with the title 'five pillars of islam'. their tagline kinda like 'o believers, do as you are told. the five pillars of islam we must uphold'.

the performances ended and while we were waiting for the result, the informal session was up next, conducted by two 'crazy' and cute brothers. :) 15 questions were asked and each correct answer was given a prize.

the prize-giving ceremony followed after that. the event ended at 11.40pm with the recitation of tasbih kifarah and surah al-asr.

well, what more can i say?

oh oh wait wait, cute! :)


  1. doesnt cute at all to me
    but okay la for the first year

  2. yeah whatever. differenr people entitle to different opinions, dontcha think??