Tuesday, August 25, 2009


we know basin is a washbowl. angst means anxiety. homage is respect. domination equals supremacy. thorough is complete. neglect means disregard. misdeed is wrongdoing.

easy stuff, aite??

yeah, we do know explicit means straightforward, clear and detailed with no room for doubt. but, ironically it also graphically describing or representating sexual activity.

and personally, i kinda frustrated when i dont even know wtf is fiscal, sanctimonious, carping, jowl and snippet? duh. hello, english is my second language. like i know all that bombastic english terms. and i admit i am not very good in vocab. seriously.

fyi, snippet is a small piece. sanctimonious = self-righteous. carping = fault-finding. fiscal = financial. jowl = jaw.

want more??

indict = accuse. briny = salty. flagrant = blatant. brunt = impact. detention = custody.

bummer. translation: i am truly disappointed.

okay, class... we move to the next topic. please turn to page...

whoa whoa, wait a sec.. i am so not having this conversation with you.

lets get straight to my main point. as we are in the month of ramadhan; and the wireless connection is so extra-good, why dont we do something really useful? and educational? besides facebook, i meant. :)
hey, fb is soo double-the-useful-website lah.. connect people, kan kan kan?? :)

do visit this link; http://www.freerice.com/

then you'll know what im talking about.

i donated 1270 grains of rice. try to top me, guys! :)


  1. Hey, chill! Haha
    I really sucks in English vocab.
    Maybe you said that you're not good in vocab, but there's someone that is worse that that. I mean, you are far from worse la. BUT ME, MYSELF AND I, I'm the WORST!

    Heck, I didn't even know the exact meanings to some of the words you've mentioned in this post. Fiscal, sanctimonious, bla-bla.
    Haha, that proves it! :P
    I'm not even good in grammars. >__<

  2. Hahaha.I'm extremely worse than you and Sarah.English vocab really is my weakness.D:
    But somehow,thanks to you cause I learn some new words today.Yay!

  3. sarah, yeah ryte.. (sarcasticslly said by me :p)

    kinathekino, no bigie dear! :)

  4. Hey,

    I like your blog!
    You a teacher or something. I really hope we can exchange some issues of English. That'd be great.

    Go check my blog sometime.


  5. ahahahah nope. i aint a teacher, dear. :)

    thanx 4 droppin by.

    i will. :)

  6. hahahaa...ive tried and play at the free rice.com..
    i know im not that good in english..youre way better than me!! lol
    hey, i wanna ask something. the website freerice.com, we answer those vocab questions...non-stop?i mean, we can answer as many question as we like?

  7. and i get more than 1300 grains! ^^

  8. yupp. as long as u wanna play, teha..
    hahaha awesome!! :)