Tuesday, November 10, 2009

badminton 1

This is the MEDCY news on the SMAC badminton single matches (sisters) in the AMF Hall. Brought to you by a MEDCY reporter whose name is secretly hidden for security purpose.

All the matches were due to begin at 9.30pm but the MEDCY’s first match was at 10pm . I walked lazily down the path led to the hall at 9.50pm Malaysia time. As I pushed the wooden door, I saw Shahida binti Kamaruzaman (083563) struggling to win the game against ENGIN’s Hairul Niza Azwani binti Khairul (090984). As a fresh newcomer in this arena, I stood behind the officer in charge and watched intensely. And I ended up with a stiff neck afterwards; result from focusing too much on the shuttlecock as it went from left to right to left to rig... you get what i meant, right? Shahida was the winner, with the result of 13-21, 21-9, 21-17. One match down, one more to go.

I looked down at my watch. It’s 10.20pm. As the second MEDCY’s match started at 11.30pm between Nurul Hakimah binti Azizan (083270) of MEDCY and Nurul Aina binti Zainal Abidin of BAR, I wandered around and took some pictures. Just outside the hall, they had this Carnival of Islamic Entrepreneurs booth set up. I chatted with the committees there to merely get a glimpse of the programs that’ll be held. Oh, that was why they had all kind of booths along the hallway; it was part of the event. There was halal products bazaar, booth and digital fair as well as the busana muslimah. I intended to take some pictures but they packed up already.

There will be a seminar on Internet Business (Basic) and Internet Marketing (YouTube) on 12th November in lecture hall, at 8-10pm by Brother Zamri. The fee is RM49. I was like, errr... okay. Then there will be a Blogging Workshop by Brother Azri Hanafiah from iluvislam team on 11th November at the same time, same venue. The fee is RM39. Ohoho, a second please. They mentioned in the brochure; If join both seminar, the special rate will be only RM59!! The seats are limited, though. Hmm, I was eager to join but the reports on the matches must be done. And my priority goes to the MEDCY’s reports, obviously.

As the time passed real slow when you got nothing else to do, I went back to my room up in the first floor to lepak-lepak. At 11.20 I marched down to the hall. Unfortunately, Kim was done fighting for MEDCY and she won! I got the result from her; 21-17, 21-7. They say, the match that should be on tomorrow will be held tonight. The match between Shahida and HS's Sharifah Farhana binti Syed Jaafar (084938). So I decided to stay and wait. patiently.

I was glad I'd be able to see the match. It was awesome. As it was the last match started at 11.40pm, all the pair of eyes focused on the game. Tension started to build rapidly as Farhana of HS won the first round with 21-19. The second round involved a lot of cheering and shouting, mostly from the MEDCY supporters. They went, GO MEDCY! clapclap GO MEDCY! clapclap. Only then they stopped when the 'SSYHHHH' was heard among the opposite team. I admit that Farhana was quite tough to tame as her game was fast-paced and she knew her opponent's weak spot. I think Shahida did expect the luck was not on her side, but due to the constant support and MEDCY cheers, she endured it well. The result was 21-19, 21-16. Farhana won the game.

As the result, Shahida was out and only Kim marched to the next game tomorrow at 9pm. That was today, lah. So, let us all show support for the one and only survivor of MEDCY's badminton (single) tonight.

note: due to the lack of knowledge regarding the badminton arena, the author got a brief explanation on the matter from Kim and Atiqah. and she forgot to ask them whether the person in charge of the badminton points/marks was called a referee or an officer. nay, she'll ask later.

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