Wednesday, November 11, 2009

badminton 2

This late news was brought to you by the same reporter who refused to get her name published; the same old attitude but with a higher spirit than yesterday.

The tension disappeared slowly as the match ended tonight. Guess what, our
Kim-Bum Kimchi Kim Posssible Kim-Hakimah-of-MEDCY secured the third place – bronze medal for badminton!!

Lets have a recap on what was happening just now. Our representative was Nurul Hakimah binti Azizan (083270).

MEDCY2 vs BEN1-Noor Hidayah binti Mohamad Azmi (092897). Kim won; 21-6, 21-17.
MEDCY2 vs AED2-Taqia Sabirah binti Rahimi (094763). Kim won; 21-19, 21-14.

So, she marched to the FINAL round where the three of them played against each other to grab the gold medal.

MEDCY2: Nurul Hakimah binti Azizan (083270)
HS2: Sharifah Farhana binti Syed Jaafar (084938)
ENGIN1: Wan Nor Ain binti Wan Zawawi (094916)

The final round began with HS2 vs ENGIN1. Sh Farhana (HS) won; 21-17, 21-17. Then, HS2 vs MEDCY2 in which our Kim was defeated; 8-21, 13-21. As Sh Farhana won in both two matches, she was declared the winner of all. Congratz!

Then MEDCY2 played against ENGIN1 to decide the second and third place. Unfortunately, the junior of ENGIN won the game with 21-16, 21-12. So our Kim fell the third. Still, congratulations!

While watching intently throughout the games, I made a few mental notes:

1. I say that the badminton players are totally cool when they perform the ‘stunt’ of picking up the shuttlecock from the floor. They touch the badminton racket to the tip of the shuttlecock, flipped their hand and get the shuttle up to the racket, tup! and catch with one hand. how awesome is that? let me hear the 'whoaa', people..

2. I am gifted with the sixth sense ability, people. Since the game started yesterday, my gut told me that Sh Farhana of HS's gonna win for sure. I meant, the winner. And lookie at the result, she was the gold medalist aint she? So dont play-play with me ahh...

3. I wonder what am I gonna do when the shuttlecock aims straight to my
breast chest abdomen area. Am I be able to move backward and smash it forward or.. will I let it drop to the floor? Even better, catch it with my own bare hand? I'm an amateur, people.. so dont expect me to pull the stunt right under your very eyes..

4. I think my name is somehow lucky. Proofs? Well, lets see. First of all, when the HS supporters shouted for Sh Farhana, they went 'Go Pah Go!' and 'Pah come on Pah, you can do it..'. She ended up the
winner. Secondly, the ENGIN supporters cheered up for their player sound like this, 'Ain, sikit lagi Ain...' and 'Ain, sengih Ain.. sengih...'. She ended up the second. Do tell me, which part of MY name does not contribute to them winning the game?, I say it superstitiously.

5. I am truly satisfied and happy! with the pictures I took just now. Next thing to be done: upload 'em in Facebook and do the tagging!

note: the author's jobscope is almost reaching the end as the single badminton matches ended lively. two more days left for the double category reports then she'll be roaming free on the Earth. please wish her luck.


  1. yay for medcy!!
    though i didn't watch the matches,,
    i still want to yay for kim..

    good job reporting..
    but what's up with the name issue??

    *kak pah perasan!!

  2. Pah, best la you punya report!!!! :DDDDD

    Haha, Pah perasan xD

  3. ummu, lets yay togethergether!! :D

    gee, thanx. name issue? what to say, the reporter doesnt wanna be known for her contributions.. :D

    sarah, tenkiu tenkiu tenkiu :)

    u guys, please dont be jealous of the 'good feng-shui' in my name ya.. :)