Thursday, November 12, 2009

badminton 3

the writer had no serious intention to wish for the medcy's badminton players (double) to lose in the games held tonight. she might not taking her job seriously, but to wish bad things happen on MEDCY's team is so... wrong. at least it feels wrong. so she wrote her last report of freedom as nice as she can; so that the MEDCY'S four badminton players will not feel the urge of attempting a group-suicidal-plot due to the medal loss in the badminton match.

At 9.30pm, the first match was held between MEDCY 1 team and ENGIN2 team:

MEDCY1 team:
1. Siti Nur Aishah binti Hashim (083761)
2. Nurul Atiqah bt Ahmad Khairudin (085036)

ENGIN2 team:
1. Hairul Niza Azwani binti Khairul (090984)
2. Farishah Hanem binti Ahmad Nazri (090847)

personal view: during the game, i noticed that there were times where the shuttlecock did not pass over the net; maybe the force exerted on it by the racket was insufficient to make it flew over. or should the velocity and momentum be taken into consideration? as i am very fond of physics, i'd say.. let's put the why aside. i have no idea whether the racket or the player that should be blamed. besides, the referee aka pakcik-tulis-markah often told the players to get on their right position before they serve. i aint an expert on the basic rules of the badminton game, so i was pretty confused when he was like 'gerak, sister. gerak..' and 'blakang. dye ke depan..'. and i thought silently, 'the players, arent they even aware of their standing positions, turns and all? oh, maybe they forgot kot...' the referee sure got a really outstanding memory as he was able to memorise each of the steps, turns and stuffs done by the 4 players.
result: MEDCY lost; 12-21, 16-21.

at almost 10.30pm, MEDCY2 pair played against BAR1 team:

MEDCY2 team:
1. Nur Atiqah binti Hasman Yusri (082743)
2. Nor Shamin binti Mohd Yusof (082972)

BAR1 team:
1. Ain Remang (082654)
2. Nur Farhana Zainuddin (082548)

personal view: when the referee miscalculated the marks and announced em, BAR supporters interrupted and corrected him. due to the incident, i changed my perception already. guess he did not have a great memory after all. :D then during the match was held, i had to endure the physical strain on my ears due to the cheering and shouting from the BAR supporters right beside me. one of em went like 'sikit lagi farhana, sikit lagi....' and '2 je lagi, tak mintak banyak.. mintak 2 je lagi..'. i was speechless. nak tegur, kang kene penyepak plak. yang gatal nak duduk dekat BAR supporters to sape suruh.. padan sangat la dgn muke aku.
result: MEDCY lost; 8-21, 18-21.

note to readers: this is the unofficial/brief explanation on the badminton matches written by a plain MEDCY girl with no-post-whatsoever in the society's mainboard. she was pretty sure her voice could not reach the respected people of the mainboard so, she chose this medium as her way to melepaskan gian in a less respectable manner. :D

she'll pass the reporter's form to juliahana who'll do the complete official report (in which the writer was glad julia offered to get it done) and so, she was now officially back in the middle of the iium's large society. welcome home!


  1. nice job i dare say so myself.would have done way worse in reporting the events uhhuhu..nways,thx 4 the hard work =)..menang kalah adat permainan..xde rezki nk wat cmne..

  2. 'hard' work indeed, shraf.. :D
    no hal, small matter je.. :)

  3. pah ni aku dh suh tutup mulut, tgn die plak gerak..kang aku ikat ko kang baru tawu. pls stop talking eh!

  4. haha. sengal je korg ni la... aq bagitau sir nanti.. XD