Monday, November 09, 2009

isma eh??

what is it in the name that makes us so special? ada apa dengan nama actually?

it is to be believed that your name truly reflects your personality and impression of others towards you. for instance, if a boy happens to have a name of Jongang bin Sepet, people will be wondering if his teeth really are jongang or if his father has sepet eyes. quite the contrary, a girl with the name of Orkid binti Embong will be showered with compliments due to her beautiful-as-orkid-look although her face is not that pretty.

as the name is said to be the mirror of our own character, parents would gladly name their children with the good name with good meaning. Zaki; the brilliant. Nur; the light. for the non-muslim, they too are quite particular regarding this matter. David; beloved. Ryan; little king. however, as time passes by and the new millenium washes over us, the 'conservative' names are no longer been chosen. suddenly 'made-up-names-with-lots-of-consonants' fall in the highest list. Andriaz Mikey and Hanni Shazreyl raises up questions if they are malay-muslim or not. to delve deeper, the so-called-common-names are twisted to be a new-purely-da-bomb name. Zulaikha to be Zack, Farizah to be Fariz, Sharaf to be Porap and Nurul Ain to be Nour El Ain. interesting, huh?

changing our nickname does not mean that we hate the name our parents had given to us. some kids just doing it for fun, but some do hate their name wholeheartedly. some even insist to change their name in the Identity Card. and that proves how important the name title is to us. so, for parents-to-be, please choose your child's name wisely if you dont want your kid to end up hating you for the uncool name.

i have a childhood friend with the name of Tengku Puteri Nur Ajeerah binti Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin Bukhari. until now, i can hardly forget her unique name. back then, she always had problems due to her long name. the UPSR slip did not provide enough space for her to write her full name, as well as her IC. to think about that, i wonder if her problem grows bigger now that she's 19 already. does she change her name or accepting it the way it is?

lucky some of us do have the names that they can be proud of. Siti Sarah Syahirah (3S) and Khairul Khairiyah Khasbullah (3K) are among the circle of the beautiful names, i personally think. speaking of which, i got the chance to meet my twin-but-not-look-alike in my high school days as we both share the same name! what a surprise. i meant, chances are you met the person with the exact name as you are and the right spelling is completely.... WOW. at that time, i suddenly wish my name would be different than the rest of the world. and i realised, that cannot be true.

just to make myself feel better, i try to think that it does not matter whether your name is the same as your friend's or whoever, it is just simply a name. and as cheesy as it may sounds, that's what makes you, you.

note to reader: despite her positive review, the author still refuses to let known of her first name to the public.


  1. Sharaf becomes PORAP? LOL.

    Thanks for the compliment, Pah but my name is not beautiful and I dislike the 'Siti' sometimes. Seriously. >_< No offence to other people named Siti. Hehe.

    Yours is nice. Nurul Ain. I prefer simple and pronounceable MALAY names like yours. Instead of names like Hanni Shazreyl and Andriaz Mikey (the ones listed above).

    And I don't like some of the names in Malay novels either. How very typical and old-fashioned of me...xD

    Anyway, I love this post! :D

  2. sarah, u just love this post cuz there's ur name in it aite?? :D

    i just made up the names based on my imagination, sarah. no idea whether there are real people with the names out there or not. :)

    yeah right, thanx for the effort on cheering me up. :D

    i got no intention to brag, but i dont really like to read malay novels actually. just so u know, if u dislike the names in the novels, so do I. :D