Wednesday, November 18, 2009


i understand. you are trying very hard to pass the inspection of the pakguard in the uia's main gate, so you ended up wearing a common black jubah among other tight and fit clothes you kept in the wardrobe. the true muslimah should wear loose clothes, you said. so i understand. oh, the trousers/jeans inside the jubah was merely for your easy-walking purpose. it is not a big deal, definitely. so you walked down the path led to the gate, flashed your matric card and rode on the metro bus 12.

while walking to the university LRT station, you rolled up your sleeves till the elbow. the sun was blazing hot on you, i understand. you need some air. as i glanced at your tote-bag, i wondered if you got any 'spare' clothes for you to change. maybe a tiny blouse that wont made a bulge in the bag? a set of striking baby T-shirt? a tube? god, how can i suspect you of bringing along the clothes since you would not dare to show off your boldness to the public. otherwise, they'll judge you. especially uia students, you will be DEAD if they caught you wearing something indecent. they will pass along the news to the other students and your reputation will be tarnished badly. so i understand.

by hook or by crook, you just have to wear the 'spare' clothes so that it wont go to waste. so you slipped into the toilet and got changed. you throw the jubah inside the bag. there you go. safe and sound. a girl wearing jubah came out of from the toilet with a different personality. yes. that's you. so i understand. you just need the freedom of wearing any type of clothes, right? the heck with pakguard or the dean of uia or the mahallah's principal, they cant force you to wear something 'conservative' like the jubah, right? inside the uia compund, yes. you may as well pretend to abide by the law. but they just have no rights to impose any summons on you if you break the rule OUTside the uia. so, you're a free girl now. do whatever you want. so i understand.

oh, you had a date with your boyfriend i see. relax, i totally understand. humans need to love and to be loved. it is perfectly normal for a college girl to hang out with a boyfriend. no matter which university she got in; uia, um, usm or uitm, its the same for ANY girl. so dont make a big fuss over it. you walked side by side holding hands together with your boyfriend. awwww, that is so sweet. you need a hand to guide you all along the way. whether your boyfriend chose the right or the wrong way, you just follow him blindly. THAT is true love, you said. so i understand.

you ate lunch together, went window shopping and walked in a nightclub. oh wait, is that NOT allowed in our religion? oh, you just went there to beat the stress, i see. maybe dancing a bit? i understand. you were in a good hand, your boyfriend was there to protect you. the fundamental key in a relationship is the trust. hm, you might as well put your whole body into his hand then. after all, he IS your mr.perfect am i right? so i understand.

that was the way you spent your weekend. in the night, he called and you chatted for few hours minimum. you cant just expect a couple NOT to communicate for a long time. if not, then its not called a couple. besides, you have a burning desire to hear his voice every second, enable you to 'function' properly in your daily life. so i understand.

there is NO way you can ever be separated from your beloved boyfriend. even if you know 'dating' is against islam, going to a nightclub is againt islam, make contact with your boyfriend is against islam and wearing fit clothes is against islam... you just cannot resist the sweet temptation of breaking the rules. after all, you'll repent when you get older, right? even if you know that death can come at any time, you still want to have it your way.

so let it be that way. i'll try to make me understand.


  1. teringat plak kate2 ex-principal zc time gi talk women:puppet or...??

    nak dating??


    bawak parents skali..


    only then, i would understand..

    good post indeed..

  2. huhuhuhu
    kita je kena faham kehendak mereka??
    kenapa mereka tak pernah nak faham kehendak agama???
    btw nice post!!!!

  3. heh sher...itu sarcasm laa...

    sarcastic gak kak pah ni yek....igt siti sarah je...

  4. mind if i use it for bulletin purposes? or probably for magazine?

  5. afiqah, then people wouldnt dare to go for a date if their parents are there!! NICE! :D

    farisham, i dont know, ask them. XD

    syahmi, haha. i take that as a compliment. hmm, i dont really mind as long as u dont publish my REAL name. LOL

  6. wow~

    a really good post pah.....

    but u should be in my shoes....

    then u would know how the real world looks like.....

    marilah same2 mnjauhi kemurkaan ALLAH...

  7. Best la post ni Pah.. I likeee.... :D

  8. bdkflat-so u think im living in a fantasy world? people breaching the islamic law is considered NOT the real world then?

    sarah-i like to like you to like it... :D

  9. no what i meant was,

    through my eyes those kind of things are normal in my type of society....

    i mean my former type of society...

    i've seen worse.... and close up...


  10. fyi, im well aware of the fact that its becoming normal for people to act like that these days.

    even though i aint be able to see 'through your eyes' and never 'seen worse-and-close-up' like YOU do, i know the REAL world just fine.

    thank you.

  11. no hard feelings pah....

    but i'm just tellin u....

    u might think u knoe bout the real world but the fact that u ain't see nothin yet....

    u cn never describe sumthin by looking or just by people tellin u.... u got to experienced it...

    but i know u know a lot... n i'm pretty sure u are better than me in this kind of things.... but i just want to share....thanks for considering....

    pah , cakap la SENGAL~~!!!!!!!! kat aku..... ahahhahaha

  12. im sorry for the fact that i am not as 'social' as u are in the past years of my life.

    i know the real world just fine din mean i KNOW IT ALL, its just that i know it 'just fine' for me to describe it from MY point of view.

    sengal. there you go!

  13. hype, sory pah~

    haha... trimas for the sengal~~

  14. more 'real' than you can really imagine, dear... :D

  15. go pah go!!!!biar sedar skit smua huhuhh..u rlly noe hw to put it into words eih?tabik spring sama lu!!!!

  16. hehe. bese2 je lah, sharaf... :) segan plak aq ko ckp cam2.. huhu