Tuesday, December 08, 2009


I am overwhelmed with pure JOY! When i read The Star yesterday, I came across this advertisement. A cute one, in fact. Check this out.

No, you are looking at the wrong ad. Not the oh-so-gorgeous-TVXQ-image on the left, but the Alvin & The Chipmunks 2 on the right! Haha. Gotcha. I put that on for distraction purpose. :D Now you're distracted, please keep on drooling over their handsome faces and stop reading my post. Haha.

I was talking about the 'Get A Free Diary With Any Purchase Above RM30' ad. With any purchase of RM30 above (in a single receipt) in Big Apple Donuts, you'll get a FREE Alvin & The Chipmunks Diary!! Limited stocks only! As you can see, I was practically grinning from ear to ear as my mind worked up a plan. A GREAT PLAN.

Today is Tuesday. I just came back from MidValley Megamall. Know what I did for the last two hours? Here's the story...

4.50pm: I reached Pak Guard's station near the main gate. I asked him, "Pakcik, bleh kuar g pasar malam kul bape?" He said, "Pukul 5." So it was fine by me. I already knew that, actually. I was there just to make him let me go out early. Hehe. After standing there for about 5mins and maybe he was tired of seeing me waiting, so he let me pass. at 4.55pm. Not 5. There you go, my first plan worked out fine so far.

So I stopped a taxi and got a ride to MidValley. Upon reaching the North Wing, I rushed to the Big Apple Donuts & Coffee outlet in the Lower Ground. I got the list out and began to order. Alien... Only that there's no Alien in sight. So I purposely asked the kakak there if they have Alien's Donut, even though I was well aware that the donuts were not ready yet. I said to her I want 8. So she discussed something with the donut-maker in the back and said to me, "Wait a sec.". YESS!!! So I got THE ALIENS!!! My second plan was a success.

Basically, my eight Aliens were baked fresh from the oven!! Haha. You can practically see the dark chocolate ribbons still wet on top of the donut. The tenderness of the dough and the amazing aroma tickled my sense. Hmm yummy. Err okay, now wipe that saliva of yours. I'd like to continue my story.

Here's a sneak peak of the donuts I bought. The total of 18 donuts. Hey hey hey, not that I intended to eat 'em all up, I took my friends' order, lah. They thanked me for bringing the donuts but I am the one who's supposed to thank them. Know why?

Tadaaa!! I got a total purchase of RM35 and above in a single receipt! Know what that means??

Jeng jeng jeng!! The ALVIN'S DIARY!! Oh God, I was on Cloud Nine, no, make it Cloud Ten, Eleven whichever. The image was taken in the taxi on my way back to UIA. The pakcik taxi must be confused seeing me smiling all the way. I'm alright, pakcik. No worries.

And the best part is that, the Donut Box has Alvin&TheGang on it! OMG so cute! :D Their new match in part 2 was the female trio, The Chipettes. They're cute too! :D

So, I got back with a satisfied feeling. I havent mention about the diary to my friends. They will think that I was using them to get the diary. Was I? If I calculated it right, I got the diary NOT for free, but for RM15. The total fare to MidVal and came back to UIA. But it's okay, I dont really care about that actually. What's important is... I am now a proud owner of the DIARY!! Muahahaha.

Thanks to my friends: Nur 'Ayunni, Nurfatin, Nur Farah Izzati, Farizah, Syazwani and Farah Farhanah. You guys really made my day. FYI, I know. I can be silly sometimes. No, most of the times. Thanks for being a friend to this silly lass. If you guys wanna see the diary, roger me. :D

Alvin and The Chipmunks 2 will be out in cinemas on December 24, so dont forget to watch it yo! But, go get your diary first!! :D


  1. shoot you!!!! BANNGGGG!!!

    Haha..but when I saw u paste ur from-the-Star-Alvin-and-the-Chipmunk-advertisement-look-like-watever beside ur bed, I already knew it. BOO! =P

  2. haha. clever!! i knew you knew. the others don't. shhhh!! haha. :D

  3. thanx 4 the alienss pah... mmuah!

  4. no biggie fatin. even korg membebel bgai nk pecah gegendang tlinga aq, tapi xpe....
    sbb aq ade ALVIN&THEGANG!!! :D