Saturday, December 12, 2009

great escape

My second time having a flight back to my hometown, Kuantan was pretty okay. Not that I am the so-confident-and-all-brave type of girl, but the journey was a fun adventure, actually. Well, considering the fact that I'm restrained to stand on my own feet in my hometown, its quite a self-satisying experience to breathe some fresh air in the big city for a while. Mind you, my mom hardly give me the 'green light' to go anywhere by myself back home in my place. So the taste of freedom was mind-blowing. pardon my exaggerated use of expression words there. :D

My father booked a one-way ticket to Kuantan, from Kuala Lumpur. Yesterday, I took off at 2pm. God, I forgot there was the Friday prayer. I usually dont go out of the college around that time because I have to walk pass the men coming out of the mosque after they perform the prayer. And I seriously hate that. But yesterday, I got no other choice. I was pre-occupied with other thing that morning. Blame the Facebook.

I reached the Kl Sentral terminal around 2.20pm. My flight was at 6.05pm. So I strutted along the way to the KLIA Transit's ticket counter to get the train to the KLIA airport. I put my paperbag down and asked for the ticket, "KLIA?" Then the abang said, "KLIA Airport?" I smiled and nodded. "Ohh, kalau nak gi airport, baik naik KLIA express. Lagi cepat. Tak ade transit2 pun. Naik KLIA express laju je, terus sampai airport," he explained with the complete hand gesture up and down. So I understood. Very well, KLIA express then. He then pointed at me with his thumb and asked, "Airport staff, eh??" I was like, "OMG am I being mistaken for an airport staff?? ME?? ME?? Tsk, I am truly honoured!" I pretended to be a bit shocked over the question and then smiled sheepishly, "Eh taklah...". He then gestured me to the KLIA express counter to get the ticket, going through the explanation again. I thanked him and started to walk back, pondering about the fact that I will never gonna be an airport staff, let alone a flight attendant on the airplane. Geez, an airport staff indeed. :D

Hmm, cozy seat to sit and sleep. But I was too busy scanning the panorama out of the window that I seemed could not get my butt out of the seat when the train stopped at KLIA. Double-checked my boarding pass I got from the check-in counter in Kl Sentral just now, I took the elevator to the 5th floor - DEPARTURE.

4.30pm I prayed. After that then I went to pay a visit to the ladies. Thee hee, a must-go place for a lady before going onboard. In my case, it's a fine place to....
lookie lookie, a disqualified airport staff was getting her picture taken... in the ladies. what a place to pose. why, you sure had a weird way of letting out the frustration.. :D

I went out and saw Kentucky Fried Chicken. Hmm, it was 5pm. Another 35mins to check in. So I ordered a set of KFC Meltz, Milo and Cheezy Wedges. Felt out-of-place for not having a (girl/boy)friend for my early dinner, I turned my laptop on and started to think of something to do. Something to waste the precious time.

What an empty feeling, had a meal with no company but the laptop. Remind me not to do it again. First, the hollow feeling. Second, the public stare. One of the embarassing moments I had in my life. But then, I got myself a valuable lesson that day: If you dont want people to look at your way, dont look at THEM. Mind you, I learned that through a hard way. So, be grateful.

A picture collage I made while savouring the Cheezy Wedges. Right finger licked, left finger on the laptop. The cycle continued and I hated the outcome. Not that I hated the image, but the watermark above it! God, I forgot that the software I used was only a trial version. Frustrating. Exhausting. Hating myself.

By 5.40 I packed up and left for the B5 gate. Went inside the plane, I looked for my seat. 26F. So I found it. Only to find a Chinese guy by my age to sit in my place. By the window! To his left, an empty seat. Right next to it sat an Indian man around 40s, reading The Star. So??

Off to the middle then! I asked the uncle to pass through and got to my seat. Not my my seat, but my-only-seat seat. Well, you know what I meant. What, you expect me to ask for a change with that Chinese guy? Hm, I definitely can do that. I actually intended to do that, but somehow I thought, "How hard it is to find a situation where I can be sit right next between two guys? And why oh why do I wanna ever change that?" Haha. Conservative thinking, I know.

Sandwiched between the two guys, I made myself comfortable by enjoying the travel magazine. The uncle to my left was still with his paper, while the college guy to my right was always glancing through the plane window. Oh, they felt uneasy for sure. And was I the only one feeling a mix of uneasiness and giddiness? Guilty pleasure, I dare say so. God, forgive me.

But my pleasure level would be on the max if I was seated between two handsome young guys. If that ever happens, I can always stay in the middle. Forever. I meant it. :D

note: the author managed to get herself out of her seat safely upon reaching the Kuantan Airport Terminal. despite having the fantasy of the hot-guys-on-plane, the author just say it literally. she has no intention of causing any good-looking guys to track her airplane seat just to sit right next to her. it is highly encouraged, but no thanks. she'd rather left it to Mr.Destiny.