Wednesday, December 30, 2009


What I dislike about events in UIA is mostly regarding the time of events. Sometimes two or three events held at the same day, same time. And they are all interesting! So, which way to go?

For instance, this night, that is yesterday night (Wed, 30Dec) two appealing events took place.

Forum 'Rejuvenating Science & Technology in Islam' in conjunction with Islamic Science & Technology Week 2009 organised by MRC

The support from UIA students was tremendous. From the brothers side, too. I was kinda amazed by the number of brothers turned up for the event. Wellwellwell, they do have interest after all...

Hm.. the forum was okay. But as most of the forums held here, the crisis was always about the time. Again! The moderator gently reminded the 3 panels on obeying the given time for the round respectively, that was 10-15 mins per person. But as time passed by, 5 after 10 and then 15 minutes... the panel could not seem to stop. The other panels looked tensed and uptight, drank the water, scratched the head and shifted positions few times and at last, the message passed through the panel who was speaking that time.

I think the organising committee should think of a way to put a stop to this common attitude of the VIPs. Obviously, we should respect them, they're the highly respectable and powerful people. So why dont we use the reverse psychology then?

Put a giant stopwatch at the back of the hall maybe? Or an alarm clock that rings every 10minutes? A large high-pitched bell or a round, huge gong perhaps?

Nevertheless, many inputs and useful information that the panels mentioned in the forum. It was an A-okay forum. But we didn't stay long in the AMF Hall as we got other commitment someplace else. :D

Now, now... the second most awaited event was.....

Closing Ceremony of Global Awareness Campaign organised by Culture & Art Club with Red Crescent Society

By the time we entered Lecture Hall, Ustaz Nazri was giving the tazkirah. 10.20pm. Some multimedia presentations and reading the news on Palestine issues.

Then there came ETIKA.

Only three of them performed, and FYI, the guy in the middle is our former junior schoolmate. Syauqi, if I'm not mistaken. His name starts with an S, that's for sure. Shahid or Salleh or Suparjo, seriously I cant remember. From SMART Kuantan. What a small, small world we live in. We both bet he's an engineering student. I mean, duh. A glimpse of look at him and you can tell.

If not, what? A Nursing student? Medic? Come on, lah... AED or ICT, perhaps..

Enuff said already. ETIKA is an awesome nasyeed group, their vocals are super. If they release an album, I'll be the first to buy it. Err.. exaggerating is in process. Please tell this blog owner to stop. :D

After all, the reason being we came to the lecture hall was only for the nasyeed performance. Opsss~~ :D

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  1. Thanx very lot for support this forum! It's a real great memory for me :)