Tuesday, December 15, 2009


My youngest sister is now fast asleep. If months ago I had to sing the Nursery Rhymes to lull her to sleep, now I don’t have to. My magic sentences are, “Alin kan dah 5 years old, dah big kan. Budak big tak payah ulik, die tido sendiri...” Even though she’s not 5 until next year, white lie doesnt hurt her. Now everybody can have some rest peacefully.

This morning, my mom left me with a message before going out with Auntie Nisah, my neighbor-next-door. “Ain, nanti masak kuetiau (kuey tiow?) goreng untuk adik. Bawang putih 2, telur pastu kuetiau.." With that, she left.

I remained with my four younger sisters. Weighing the decision between kuetiau and computer, I decided to do the cooking then facebooking. So I put my best ‘chef’ face on and went to the kitchen. Cloves of garlic. Check. Left-over kuetiau. Check. Soy sauce. Eggs. Salt. Perencah Ana. Check. Cooking oil. Check. Let the flames on!

After few minutes fighting the battle, the dish was now ready. Hmm, it looked undeniably tasty, innit? Haha. I know, it didnt look inviting at all but hey, we were always taught not to judge a meal by its appearance, aite? :D

My version of kuetiau. Trust me; this kuetiau has neither undesirable nor detrimental side-effects. I poured too much soy sauce, that’s all.

So I presented the dish to my sisters, 9-year-old Izzah and 4-year-old Adlin. God, how tricky it was to persuade them to taste the kuetiau. Izzah had a few mouthfuls of it but then stopped due to her stomach-ache. Totally not because of my kuetiau, mind ya. As for Adlin’s case, she demanded for her telur kacau-kacau (my version of scrambled eggs) and refused to eat the kuetiau. Then I told her, it’s either the kuetiau or no-food-at-all. I worked my ass up just to make the kuetiau and suddenly, she simply rejected it? No way.

It was not until an hour later, she insisted I fed her the kuetiau. Ha, tau pun lapar.. Now that she savoured my kuetiau, she couldn’t seem to stop eating. She even ate it by herself! Haha. That’s a clear prove that I can definitely cook a delicious meal! Yay me! :D

See? See? Told ya. It really was yum-tastic. p/s: no one was harmed when this image was taken.

My second task was to bath Adlin. God knows how tensed I was when I had to divert her attention from the television to me. She was watching Hagemaru on Astro Ceria and obviously, I was pretty much invisible to her at that time. When I asked her to move, “Kejap lagi. Lepas abis Hagemaru..”, she said without even looking at me. Then the next show: Crime Time was on the TV. Again she said, “Lepas abis cite ni la..” I had to make pinky promise just to ensure she kept her words. By then, I dragged her all the way to the bathroom by threatening her with alin-dah-janji-tadi-nanti-masuk-api-neraka words of wisdom. Amazingly, it works every time.

To take a shower with her was another pain-in-the-ass routine. I had to go for the fresh cold-shower as she dominated the pleasant hot-shower. Basically, when you have a bath with a 4-year-old-kiddo, you have to sacrifice one thing: your body. Don’t take it the wrong way, I meant it literally. At time when I had my face dubbed with cleanser, I had water sprayed all over my face; ruining all the effort. At time when I brushed my teeth, again the hot water was aimed directly at my face. At time I squatted to lather my body with the shower gel, two tiny hands messed up with my hair. “Ha, buat macam ni barulah jadi macam princess...Haishhh, whichever la budak..

After the sisters-great-moment-of-bathing ended, I shooed her out of the bathroom to dry up and get the clothes on. I had the room for myself, finally.

Only by few minutes, unfortunately. It looked like after she got dressed, she made her mind up to pay me a visit. BANG! BANG! BANG! she hit the bathroom door with her two little hands, asking me what I was doing so long in the toilet. God, how annoying was that. She later turned the light off. I shrieked loudly and I heard her scurried away, giggling.

That was just a small part of the stories of me living under the same roof with that teeny trouble-maker. It didn’t count the occasion related to her ‘royal’ requests on the food. She does not like wet plate and glass, I have to wipe them up. She orders telur kacau-kacau like every day, I have to prepare it. She asked for Chocoholic donut in East Coast Mall, I have to buy it. She selects which food she wants, I have to be patient. She likes hot and fresh meals, I have to bear.

Not to mention my study-time which almost doesn’t exist, she was to be blamed. When I was about to leaf through the first page of my BTQ book, she came around, asking, “Haishh.. bile kak ain nak habis belajar ni.. Alin tak tau nak buat ape ni..” Then I asked her to watch the TV. She got out of the room, watching Astro Ceria only then returned, asking the same question again. She squeezed her butt on the chair I was sitting and grabbed my pink camera on the table. She chatted nonstop and I got no other option than to speak back.

I am still clueless on how that kid got so many ideas to talk and keep talking.

God, how I adore her :D


  1. alin byk ckp ikut kakak die kot..hehe

  2. erk~~~ satu statement yang tidak dapat dikenal pasti kesahihannya... o_0