Friday, January 15, 2010

Ain't A Chicken

I remember the time when me and my friends took part in the Slaughtering Course organised by PERKIM Club last year. God, it was surely an unforgettable moment ever in my life.

To be a murderer is not my dream job. (Nour El Ain)

The event was being held in Annex first for the Briefing Session.

Aiiwaahh.... Halaalan Toyyiba, ya Ustaz.. Fahimtu Fahimtu.. :D

I was practically killing the boredom that engulfed me for almost half an hour during the briefing session.

Then we all moved to Block E for the once-in-a-lifetime hands-on activity.....


Okay people... let Me aka The Expert show you guys the way.

First, take a fat.. lucky chicken out of the enclosed cage. Take out The chosen One silently so that her other penmates would not get jealous.

Then, bring her to the Death Arena to perform the execution. Before that, be prepared mentally and physically to avoid any unneccessary complications.

One must hold the knife while the other person hold on to the chicken.

The rule is simple: Hold the sharp knife and cut across the correct blood vessel that is the urat mari’. Oh, and say Bismillah of course.

Okay cool.. Cool... Dont let her get away.. Grip the wings tight, dont let her go by any chance okay!

The right technique must be applied to avoid The Chosen One being The Chosen Carcass.



Farah Farhanah was The Killer.

I am so sorry, Chicky. May you Rest In Peace.

The brothers who attended the Mass-Massacre-Ceremony

The Ustaz who taught us the 'How-To-Take-Away-A-Chicken's-Life

Each of us (except me) took turn to perform the bloody ritual...

The Assassins

Okay, now its Cabut Bulu time!!

It was quite a rare phenomenon: the brothers took charge of the kitchen-chores usually handled by the sisters. :D

In the night, we had a Barbecue Event. The brothers took care of the slaughtered chickens.

Stuffed stomach = Lovely photo :D

I consume chicken, but I prefer not to think about the gruesome details of the slaughtering process.

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