Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Battered Battle

Dear PM of Sisters' Battle of Nasyeedians,

I loathe the way you handled the event just now. To spit the truth, it was the worst event I'd ever attended in my whole life.

The semi-final round last Friday was a mess too. The participants had to wait several 30++ minutes before the event started. The venue was not that comfortable, with more sisters came in to enjoy the show, but could not find a place to settle down.

The final round was lot more terrible. The PA system was not as good as I had expected. You claimed that bringing the PA system people from outside of UIA would give the night a blast performance.

But see?? You calculated it wrong. It Es. You. Si. Kay. Es.

Please. No more arguments. What, you as the Programme Manager should've known that we must have to do the sound check earlier before the program starts. So, why dont you do it? Oh, your class schedule was full. Now dont use that as an excuse for you not to carry out your responsibility.

What happened to Mawaddah? You promised us to bring the representative over to be the judge. Why couldn't I see them yet? Oh, you did not inform them earlier that the event starts in the evening, not morning. They had to stage a show somewhere else in the evening, so they couldn't come..

You should've seen it coming, Miz PM.

How about the poor time management? Please explain.

Okay. So you said the delay was caused by the technical problems with the PA system. Two groups had to perform for the second time because they were not satisfied with the overall performance.

Who's to blame? The PA Sytem or the PM?


The clumsy PM who agreed to invite the PA System people to handle the event without performed a sound-check session earlier.

Whoever said that you're a great PM, tell them they're dead wrong cuz you are absolutely NOT.


  1. Thanks for a constructive comment yet intriguing enough for us to look inside out.

    Things like this always speak itself.

    We can't see anything when we don't do anything. The fact is, you do something!

    It's ok to spoil at first, because lessons sometimes best learned when we do something wrong. I mean REALLY WRONG. Yeah~

    In fact, the more wrong we did, the more wrong we'll correct afterwards.

    Don't be sad. Your life doesn't end like this to be frustrated.

    Now, we are all developing progressively to eliminate flaws as we could. Of course we couldn't stop from having it.

    At least you can smile you can finish it, no matter how hard you persist the condition, don't you? :)

  2. Mr.President himself gave me a superb advice, what's the reason NOT to smile?? :)

    aye aye. lesson learnt: SOUND CHECK is a MUST!!

  3. We are a part of a great team, having a great mission,

    And of course, we have a great obstruction.

    None can be settled if we're not part of a team. You've tried your best to make it great enough, for me it's cool!

    Hehe. It's not a mere advice. It's a salutation.

  4. it's all the commitees' hardwork. couldnt do it alone without them.

    they deserve all the compliments.

    thehehee. i am flattered. :)

    thank you.