Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bazaar WHOA-s

Yay! Happy news for us all!!

We just have to walk along the sideroad to get to the Bazaar at the Takraw Courts and Parking Lots.
Exercise is good for your health, dont you know that??

Errr.. and walk more... until you get to the destination. Well, walking to and fro three times daily isn't at all tiring right??

Waaahhh!! At last we get here in time for brunch!! It's muddy and it's hot!! YEAHH!!

With over 4000 students and only a few stalls, I wonder if I manage to get anything to eat? Well, if they're out of food, I can always get it at the CAFE right??

Oh No!! I forgot! Cafe's closed.
Ha I know!! The KIOSK!!

Hmm, seems like Kak Yah goes to Bazaar too..
Okay, last resort. To the AMF everybody! I heard there's a FOOD FIESTA!!

Hurmm... where's the Fiesta actually? I thought it'll be like a huge festival or something...

Myanmar students with their homeland meals.
3 sets of food with rice cost only RM5. Pretty cheap, huh??

Well, I think we got no other choices, better we get back to the Bazaar and see if there's anything left. A Roti John will do..

Err, by anything I mean food, not books..

Okay.. at least PakCikMarshMellow got something..

Despite the Bazaar woes, aren't we all glad Rafest's FINALLY over?? :D


  1. haha pah. nice job.
    ko nk gnti tmpt sarah ke?
    jd nour el sarcastic?? hehe

  2. haha. tade sape bleh ganti tmpt si sarah sarcastic tuh.. :D
    tp name nourelastic sedap gak.. wakakaa