Wednesday, January 06, 2010

blood-y donation

You might think that a second-timer blood donor like me will not be having anymore anxiety during the process of a blood donation. You got it wrong.

At first I think I can just shrugged the feeling off but my heart still skipped a beat the moment my skin was pricked with the needle. God. I can still feel it.

That was just the intro. Let's move to the real content of my topic today.

Title: Blood Donation Drive
Venue: Seminar Hall CFSIIUMPJ
Time: 9.00am - 5.00pm
Day/Date: Tuesday, 4-8th January 2010

Posters around CFS. They even had a statistic of the blood donaters donors on each day. On Day 1, the donors from sisters topped the chart. Yay! :D

Donate Our Love? Hurmmm... I can do that!! :D

The huge banner opposite AMF Hall. Hm, at least it's smaller than Rafest's.

I am thirsty for blood. Somebody please gimme some. I couldnt get it from here.

Inside the Seminar Room

Two staffs of CFSIIUMPJ. Notice the abang tukang tangkap gambar? :D


Outside the Seminar Room. We got our Certificate, Pills and Refreshments here. There's 100Plus, awesome!! :D

Just in case it's hard to believe I donated my blood, the picture's a proof.

Last time donated: 11th August 2009
Blood pressure: 119/77
Amount: 350ml (Double bag)

I cant believe I stayed up till 4am just to write about Rafest and Blood Donation. I find my habit of procrastination is totally annoying. That's why I updated fast so that the next programs will not be waiting in a long line!

I can stay awake all night to write if I insist.

So, back to the bloody donation, I cant wait for the third time. Will the fear and nervousness disappear or will they worsen?

Anyway, for those who are lucky to get my blood, you'll get my LOVE in every single drop of my BLOOD :D

ps. Remembering the first time I donated, I wonder if I'll be able to say the word BLOOD without a flinch now.


Uh-uh. It's not working. Keep trying.



  1. Hi.. just wanna know your standing on the current issue since i saw one of you blog that you followed openly agree with the usage of Allah to the christian..??

  2. oh.. regarding the given permission to the Herald weekly to use kalimah Allah in its publishing?

    personally, i do feel a little bit uneasy over the same usage of the kalimah Allah by the christians. again, id like to highlight the word personally there.

    some people debated that most Sabahans and Sarawakians used the kalimah Allah for the past years and they still use it these days.

    so what? let them be. people who live on 'this' side of Malaysia are NOT accustomed to the tradition. i'm afraid many religious issues pertaining this matter will arise soon.

    some claimed that the mutual sharing of the kalimah instills the sense of praying to One God that is Allah. However, their Allah is NOT the same Allah we worship. just on which part do the similarities exist?

    i am a person with a limited knowledge on such religious issue like this one. so i admit im a tad afraid to discuss the topic openly in my blog post.

    so, you get the picture of where i'm standing now?? :D