Wednesday, January 27, 2010

brief grief

I feel obliged to present the overall view of yesterday's Sisters' Battle of Nasyeedians. Though it wasnt satisfying at all, at least it was (finally) over.

No more last-minute briefing session to group representatives/commitees. No more quick-visit to headcoms' rooms to get their progress before CAC meeting. No more headaches regarding the selected songs, format of competition and marking forms. No more fight dispute over which group gets the percussions first to practice. No more dealing with people who take things lightly and always came late to meetings. No more annoyance in finding the right venue to carry out nasyeed practice as the gym and musolla were occupied. No more countless messages from the commitees and Bro PA System. No more numerous calls to ask for opinions and questions. No more heated discussions and difference in views. No more PROBLEMS.

Let bygones be bygones. I'd like to move on now. Please.

Before the event started. Thought it would be a grand event, but it turned out to be the other way round.

The growing number of sisters who attended the ceremony.

Our respective judges (from left): Judge under Lyric and Music: Sister Leia Az-Zahra (a new Sabahan singer under Hijjaz Records Sdn Bhd), Judge under Vocal: Sister Thurdianah Djupri (a teacher from CAC's Taranum class) and Judge under Performance: Madam Asmeza Arjan (principal of Mahallah Zainab al-Jahsyi)

Only 6 groups out of 11 successfully caved their way to the Final Round of Battle of Nasyeedians. Let's have a look at the finalists.

The first turn: the group of CAC commitees with the name of Soutul Lail performed 'Barakallahu Lakunna' and 'Analisa'.

The second turn: Efarasach, the group of FRC members performed 'Sinar Hidayah' and 'Amrullah (Baitul Maqdis)'

Group of all-MEDCY-members with the name Raudhah Festival performed 'Sendu Sendawa' and Medley 'Last Breath' and 'Allah Is The Only One'. The image was taken before their show. One of the group member (Nur Farah Izzati) wasn't in the picture.

A clearer image. Now you can see who is who. :)
FYI, Raudhah's members did not put a high expectation on winning the competition cuz they believe other groups performed much better than theirs.

Rain poured lightly for several minutes in the middle of the event. Hats off to the dedicated head commitees who quickly borrowed the umbrellas from other sisters there. :)

Fourth group named En Masse with their songs 'SurgaMu' and 'My Mother'.

Fifth group consists of Juniors named Soutun Naim performed 'Ya Habibi Ya Muhammad' and 'Stand Together'.

Soutul Lail and Efarasach had to perform again for the second time due to some (a lot!) technical problems. At first we had 6 groups in the Final Round of Battle but the last group (Humairah) decided NOT to perform that night due to the long wait. Humairah members do not want to stay longer for their turn, so they pulled out of the competition at the very last minute.

The Programme Manager did not know what to do anymore. Everything seemed to be spiralling out of control. Everything.

When the time Sister Leia Az-Zahra entertained the audience with her song, it was almost 11.30pm.

Then, the event was over in a blink of an eye.

Now its time for photography session!!!

Commitees with Sister Leia Az-Zahra

Head commitees and PM

Lovely!! :)

ps. Hopefully things will be much more better in Brothers' Battle of Nasyeedians this Wednesday, 27th January in AMF Hall.

The sound check, don't forget!! :)


  1. prog da abes, xkn nak monyok je spnjg mase kan3? :)

    nanti x elok plak org tengok asek masam... je muke. :D

  2. a thousand gratitudes to the committees!!klu korg tak organise BON sisters ni,tak dapek aku nak men percussion..huhu..thnks miz PM..yeah! ;-)

  3. ehehehe teha teha.. :)
    mmg semangat la ko maen aritu, best3!! kagum aq. :D