Sunday, January 03, 2010

er... facebook privacy?

Oh please. Put that innocent look of yours aside. Tell me, just who on Earth has zero idea what the Facebook means? In this contemporary world where communication is just at the tip of our finger, I pity those who dont have fingers are silly enough not to take advantage of the technology. I mean, my mother rarely touch the computer but she knows FB very well, thanks to my 10-year-old sister. My dad's too old for this stuff, but at least he acknowledges the existence of this popular FB.

I read Dzof Azmi's article in TheStar:
In your face this morning. I'm always intrigued by the way he writes, simple, fresh and a bit humorous too. He wrote about the disadvantage of Facebooking in terms of the privacy. He advised us to be careful what we put on the FB page because we never know who can see it. So now you know why this post comes up.

I admit of being a huge fan of Facebook. And I am very well aware of the severe effects I'm about to get when I hooked up on FB too long. Aside from the continuous nagging from my beloved Mom every minutes, I become too lazy and relaxed. Too carefree. Like I am living in my own set of world; where there are no troubles, no headaches and no people other than me. And my virtual Friends, of course. The feeling is just too wonderful for words; it's indescribable.

Now that I am transported back to the real world where I have to deal with people and books, the stress is setting in. Not that I carry a burden of responsibilities, it's just what my mind keeps thinking. The studies. Tutorials. Quizzes. The homesickness. Family. Holiday. I have a pretty hardworking mind, because it always reminds me of the things that I try my best
not to remember. Like my incomplete Chemistry tutorial, for instance.

What the heck are you doing, wasting time in front of your laptop? You have tutorials to do. Add Physics's upcoming quiz and BTQ assignments to the lists, you gotta get your ass moving right now!

Now, I am getting edgy. For God's sake, I
must learn how to control my mind, seriously.

Back to our discussion. FB does have the privacy settings for the users but the thing is, how
many of us intend to make use of the settings? I mean, if you set the option of your contact information to Me Only, you better not to create an account in the first place. If the setting is set for Friends of Friends or Friends Only, just where the real fun of socializing is? After all, it is called SoSial Social Networking, right? Everyone should be allowed to view our infos. The photos. The videos. The status. In other words, the function of the privacy settings is no longer valuable, almost as useless.

FB is also a great medium to update your life activity. For those who are clueless about Twitter, the status updates on FB sure bring a tonne of joy to them.

Nour El Ain
is blogging about FB in her new post (7.o1pm)
Nour El Ain
is going to take a shower (7.17pm)
Nour El Ain
is performing her Maghrib prayer (7.28pm)
Nour El Ain
is hungry. What to eat for dinner? (7.56pm)

Sometimes I dont get the idea of telling everybody what we are doing in every seconds of our life. They have their own life, so why bother with ours? Later I realize the real reason is that... er.. well.. hurm... er... now dont pretend like
you dont know.

Yes, FB is for networks. Connect. Communicate. Collaborate. Mistake me not, this is not EveryoneConnects's ad. No doubt that FB is useful for connecting long-lost friends, contacting former best-friends and chatting with everyday-friends even if the
friend is just a door away from your room. Did I mention long-lost girlfriend/boyfriend? No? Oh.. Very well then.

Let me rephrase it. Either long-lost or newly-found or steady-going gf/bf, the connection bridge
must exist between the two. That's the main reason why you can see lots of lovely greetings between the pair in FB Wall. Words like I Love You and Miss You Much are regularly written by the youngsters of today. Not to mention other romantic and passionate expressions too. How sweet is that? We sure dont wanna miss a single moment of tenderness between two of you. Write all up, the hugs, the kisses, the loves. Including the details, please. We are dying to know about it.

Oh, you dont realize that the FB wall can be viewed by everyone in your contacts? Really, you dont know? Gee, I must have misinterpret your phrases, then. But.... dont they have invented this new form of technology where people can communicate without people knowing? If I'm not mistaken, it is called a
handphone, isnt it? Why not make use of it, then?

Gee, forgive me if I have breached your
privacy. I am just browsing through the pictures of you guys together. So adoringly in love, if I may say so. Just to clear the air, I have my boy too. But sadly, I dont see the reason why I should publish the sweet pictures of us to everybody out there. We just need our privacy. I mean, real privacy.

Talking about this matter bores me. I need to shift my attention to something else. For instance.... games perhaps? God, I can see a farm! And a cafe! And a fish tank! Am I imagining this or am I dreaming? Wanna know one of the reasons I love FB? Yes, you guessed it right! The awesome virtual games! My all-time faves are FarmVille and CafeWorld. You're the same? Good. :D

Everybody, please switch to Games mode now. Basically, I have this one principle made up regarding the matter. I believe that if you
LOVE gifts, you WANT gifts, then you must SEND them first. I love sending gifts but I can only do so if I have the connection to the Internet. Sometimes I plant artichokes/potatoes with a long period of growth as I am aware of the situation I'm in; weak Internet Connection even if I'm using the wireless broadband.

CafeWorld has this set of Gingerbread House that will be ready in 5 days! God, I love it. Now I can just log in to my cafe only once a week. Err.. is it so? As for the virtual role-playing games like Mafia Wars, Sorority Life and RobinHood, I gave up already. I tried to stay focused in taking care of the fishes but to no avail. Luckily I dont have aquariums at home. The pets too. I am growing bored with PetSociety and PetVille now. YoVille and RollerCoaster dont make into the list.

Now speaking of FB, few months back I had my two former teachers added me in FB. At first I refused to accept but then I thought, Why must I be worried? I got nothing to hide. Then, it turned out my teacher sent me a message asking about my relationship status: It's Complicated. Now its my turn to say to myself: You got nothing to hide, eh??

I classify my friends through lists. Family+Relatives, Egyptians, Malaysians and New Friends. Now I must add a new one: The Teachers.

Clearly, privacy is something subjective. You may view a thing as a private matter, but your friends dont think so. I too have lots of pictures in FB but as far as I am concerned, my privacy is not yet violated. My secret life is still well hidden. At least for now.

If you excuse me, I have to harvest my cabbages now :D


  1. wow!!!very long describtion about goes same 4 think..hehehe;-D..actually there's no need 2 post everything...every single moment we do in FB...but, sumtimes i also do it..hehe...just 2 get some attention,myb....huhu...emm...b4 i 4got,hve u mention about ur 'boo' just now?? i noe already..;-D...sumtimes its ok 2 have ur 'boo'...u already 20 this year rite?..hehe...anyway cpah, i really10x hope that our frenship will be last forever not only as a friend but as a bestfriend 4eva...miss every moment we had as a bestfriend together...
    lots of love,

  2. gee, hana! u surprised me! i thought u din knoe bout this blog. :D

    well3, now u know bout him... hope it'll stay between this wall only ya.. :D

    neway, me too. friends till the end. no doubt. miss ya. :D


  3. pn baru jer tau awk de blog ni...sbb de kt ym...just look around.huhu....oo...pndai ek simpan rahsie,smpai skrg org xtau;,sy sorg jer yg lmbt tau ni...dush2!!...huhu...

  4. yes. you may have a look around. only A look, ya. :D

    Hahaha, you probably be the first SMKAPian yang tau bout this. :D

  5. cleverly written.applause. hehe.
    just now i was browsing through(scrutinizing actually) my facebook, and thought the same thing. haha. ouh lame da xbukak page ko. fareez je salu bukak.aku pon baru je post td,haha

  6. tenkiu2. :D
    great minds think alike, ya think?? :) so, slalu2 la menjenguk aq kat page ni ye... :)