Sunday, January 31, 2010

Famine-ly Day

I was taking pictures near the AMF stage during Mahallah Zainab Al-Jahsy's Family Day aka Gala Night.

Suddenly I felt a hand touching my arm lightly. It was Madam Sh.Nafisah, one of our fellows.
Tangkap gambar banyak2 ye, pastu masuk dalam blog... (smiled at me)
ERK! Eh Madam... (smiled back shyly)

OMG I wasnt aware about the fact that my fellow (i bet my principal too!) knew about this blog. I am about to critic Mahallah's biggest event and my fellows will be reading it!?

Watch your words, Miz Nour El Ain.


And you too, Mr.Roundie. Please behave. If I heard any single complaints from ANYONE regarding your bad attitude, then it's OVER between you and me. You got that??


Good. I take it as a YES then.

Simply attractive. I was complaining about the too-plain backdrop to 'Ayunni when she said it was Fatin Pink's work. Er.. okay. I took that statement back.

I wore my brown shirt and black slacks to attend the event when suddenly I was reminded by 'Ayunni that the theme of the night was 'Pink-ie & Blue-ish'! I quickly ran to my room and changed. 3 minutes later, we were ready to go.

We were all given a coupon each for the food. A neat way to avoid extra-consumption of food by the sisters, huh?

Hmm... I bet
that's gonna work..

At almost 10pm, we got the signal to dash towards the food booths.

When you have a hall full of
hungry (no, make it staaarrvinggg) girls, just imagine what sort of situation you'll see.

Yes. The circumstance was unavoidable. Who's gonna get into a line during time like this? So, what other choices did we have?

Pushing, shoving and thrusting our way to get the food, holding our own Tupperware.

Waiting patiently while trying our best to endure the tension and the rhythm of our own stomach.

The suffering was almost vanished when we (finally!) reached the
Bihun and Nasi Goreng booths....
 see that there's no more food left.

I repeat: Nothing. Nil. Zero. Nought. Zilch. Khalastt. Finished.

The feeling of anger suffocated us. Duh. Obviously. My friend did not eat since evening to wait for this so-called-special dinner. And what did she get? Few sticks of satays, that's all. Full-stop.

I stopped Farah Farhanah to ask about the reason behind the insufficient amount of food provided by the organiser. Did they not prepare extra food to cater the need of the sisters? Did they count all the heads correctly? Did they not aware of the sisters who were going to buy the coupons last minute? Did they allow more sisters to join the dinner even if it means that the food was not gonna be enough for us all??

Yes, I know. Handling a big event like this sure is a tough job. I am not so the right person to condemn and speak whatever I had in mind regarding this wonderful ceremony. My event wasn't all that successful either. Just look at the condition of sisters' BON last week. In fact, it sucked more than this Gala Night.


So, shut up. Be grateful of the
satays, pudding, jelly and left-over ice creams you had eaten.

The night wasnt gonna be fun without performances, look at what we got..

Alia Awatif opened the night with a song

My friend, Sy Nur Izzati Alkaff and her melodic voice

Alkaff's supporters

The awards were given to the sisters of MZJ for several categories: Miss Adorable, Miss Popular, Miss Happening, Miss Feminine, Miss Primadona, Miss Vogue etc.

Daughters of our Fellows also performed that night

Silly pose after the meal

My famished friend asked the help of her pal (not UIA student) to buy 4 sets of Fried Rice in Sunway Pyramid.

Yes, we were that hungry.

Cafe's closed, remember??