Thursday, January 07, 2010

Hey Ladies!!

Wednesday, 6th January 2010 was the exclusive night for the Ladies only. It was named 'Sister's Night'. Sisters from Mahallah Zainab al-Jahsy and Mahallah Aisyah Khadijah were invited to attend the event. It started after Isya' prayer at about 9pm.

All the pictures were provided by Farah Farhanah aka FaFar. Thank you lots. :D

That particular night, I was too busy revising the Physics' note on my lap, so I couldn't quite concentrate on my pink camera. I had quiz the next day, that's why. My presence there was just there to give moral supports to my friends who were the commitees that night, 'Ayunni and Fatin. You guys did great. although lots of technical glitches ( microphones and background music for the dance) almost spoiled the night.

Am I a beauty, Mr.Beholder?? :D

The keyboard-cum-singing performance by the duo; Che' Ainun Nasihah and her sister.

An energetic poem recitation entitled 'Wanita Harapan'

A traditional dance show by 'Tari Tualang Tiga'

Fashion show competition. The girl wearing pink scarf with pink handbag was announced as the winner. Her catwalk moves were superb!

The judges of the competition

The Princess of the Night.

The middle girl in pink is FaFar. Here's a reward for giving me your set of pictures. :D

Me and 'Ayunni with the flower decorations and teddy! :D

Who let the models wander around, eh??? :D

My fave pic! Aren't we all look undeniably attractive? :D

On the same night, Star Gazing Activity was held in the field. But according to the info I got, there was NO Star Gazing due to the heavy clouds enveloped the sky. The students must be really pissed off, I bet.

As for my night, there were no stars either. But it was definitely waaay better than you guys who had to squat on the field grass miserably and listen to the talk with a crushed hope.

It was so sad that I had my eyes almost filled with tears.


  1. Oh mY pahhhhh!!arigatO..huhu..syg Ko lbeyh!!!nxt tyem dun 4 get tO prOmOte me again!!hahaha..muahhhhxxx!!!

  2. haha!! no biggie~~ :D in exchange with pictures, of course... :D