Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In A Team

Now let us play a Guess Guess Guess game.

Here's the image. Please identify the people in it.

5 seconds from...... now!

Time's up!!

Lalalala~ It's In-Team (in orange) and Saujana (in blue), people!! :D

Remember I told you about FESTIVEN's Closing Ceremony? Turned out that MEDCY's Annual Grand Dinner was held on the same night at Singgahsana Hotel! How convenient!

As I already paid my RM40 for the dinner, guess I just have to go along with the AGD. And I missed the In-Team show. :(

Now. Speaking of In-Team, we did not get to see their performance that night BUT....


The story went like this.

As we came back from the AGD at around 12.10am, I dragged my friend to the AMF Hall. Just to double-check whether, well you know... they still performed or not.

Here's a SURPRISE.

The sisters were very lucky to be with In-Team!! (in a picture, of course)

Ouh, you din see me? Where was I? Adoi, out of the frame la..... :(

Credit to Farizah Ramli for the annoying photos.

In-Team stood up to go for refreshments straight after a brief photography session with the sisters.

I just stood there. Speechless.

How sad.


I mean, after the long-distance-marathon from Bus Stop at Fatimah Az-Zahra College to the AMF Hall that took our breath to the max....

Suddenly I did NOT get to pose with In-Team??

GET REAL la wehh!!

Blame the flocks of sisters who lined up in front of In-Team. They just simply blocked my path to shine!! :(

An invisible lightbulb appeared beside my head.

An evil plan formed in my mind.

I forced persuaded Farizah to go for my brilliant plan (I think!) and here's the result.

OMG I just cant believe we just did that, FarEEzy. Embarassing, right. I know.

The FESTIVEN committees (sisters) just stared at us coldly.

Oookaay. UIA, remember.


Bought that poster for RM1 and they signed on it too. How cool is that?? :D

More about their latest album - In-Team: Allahu Rabbi (In-Team Reunited) here.

ps. no. i am totally not obsessed with the nasyeedians. to all die-hard-fans of the nasyeed artists/groups, please be jealous!! :D

pss. i heard a commitee of FESTIVEN is Anak Dato'. that's why lah they can afford to pay TWO nasyeed groups to perform together! Gile ah...

Encik/Cik Anak Dato', tolong sponsor wedding aku 6 tahun akan datang nanti boleyy?? :D


  1. auww sweetnya ;)
    nak jugak jumpa mereka

  2. ehehehe sweet kan kan kan~~ :D
    boleh boleh. jumpe dalam TV.. :)

  3. hahaha...jgn lupe aku skali..nak sponsor gak..=p

  4. shakey, jom jom!! kite kawin serentak hari yang same atas pelamin yang same.

    amacam?? idea yg amat bernas kan?? ahahahahaha :D

  5. annoying photos?what do u mean by that miss ain?HAHA
    wtv it is, the pics that i took are so comel :) and and last pic tu plg comel :) kah3

  6. annoyin sbb gamba aq x temasok dlm yg ramai2 tuh.... :)

    tak boleh blah. aq igt ko x suke intim.. eh silap, in-team.. :D