Thursday, January 28, 2010

Love In Every Smile-ys

Thank you Ainnur for the sharing!! peluk

This version of Yahoo Messenger 9 SMILE-ys are a LOT better than the ones I told you before!!

Check 'em out. The link is right here.

Okay. Let me show the awesomeness of these SMILE-ys to all of you.

Warning: The short motivational story that you will read below may cause unexpected emotion uproar and tingling-stomach-sensation.
busuk Having butterflies in the lower part of your abdomen means you are NORMAL. kenyit

Have you ever fall in LOVE??
rindu I believe that most of us have had this wonderful experience of being in love malu, right??

I have friends who are still single and available
kenyit and until now, I'm not sure why they chose NOT to change their relationship status yet fikir

Maybe they are afraid of the break-ups and one-sided-love?

Or they had bad relationship history(-ies) before?

Oh.Oh.I know!

Maybeee.... they are quietly suffering from major bipolar disorder?

Or serious mental illness?

Chronic fatal disease?

Temporary insanity?

Okay. Kick me now.

I'd like to invite Professor Madya Dr. Nour El Ain to explain the phenomenon in clear details.

Ehemm. Ehemm. This speech is for the losers
tanduk who still have no idea sigh on how to initiate the chemical reaction in the body gatai and thus, trigger the sensational feelings of L.O.V.E. in their heart. love

As you know... oh wait wait, my phone's ringing. One second please.

Okay. Where was I?

Oh yeah. As all of you know,
men2 and women are created by God with different personality, appearance and mutual needs senyumkenyit

We are made for each other. Yes. Men and women are meant for each other.

Now why are you laughing?

Shut up lah weh...

Okay good.
penatNow listen. banyakckp

Dont be a
ayam in relationshiptakbole

If you like someone, go straight to her and speak the truth from your heart!

Be a
star and stay in peace all the time

Dont forget to
sengihnampakgigi and be siul

Dont you ever
pinokio or sembah or marah to your partner.

Here's a secret

If she's a
duit, dump her straightaway gigil

Trust me. If you dont, she's gonna make you suffer your
entire life. hah

Even if it means you're gonna
nangih endlessly, its for your own good.

pokpok Are you with me? Good tepuktangan

Okay. Maybe she's hard to forget. You can
callme her, but if she doesnt pick up the phone, dont go blur

Go find someone hotter
lapar and get ready to celebrate and menari


Its getting late now

I think I should take a
minum while waiting for my men to pick me up and bring me a ros


  1. pah, byk sgt icon. hadeih. saket mata aku. hahaha
    anyway they are cute

  2. ainnur - :D

    frshm - theheehee. mmg sngaje je aq letak sume smileys tu utk menyakitkan mate.. :D