Monday, January 11, 2010

Pak Cik Guard Bermisai

My plan was to pay a friendly visit to my high-school pal, Hana Filzah in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) Bangi.

So I paced my way through the patio leading to the main gate......

Slowly walking to a renowned area where it is infamous for its tight security patrol.

A region where the sisters (not all)
LOATHE the most.

It was an encounter to decide between LIFE or DEATH.

Between PASS or FAIL the inspection by the guards.

As I was walking cautiously to the Security Post, I can feel a pair of eyes staring at me.


It was
Pak Cik Guard Bermisai!! Uh-Oh...
Ha sudah... matilah aku...

I could almost feel that something terrible was about to happen.

It was like there's an unvisible signboard was placed in front of the station written....



He stopped me and asked for my Matric Card.

And then he said......

"Pegi balik tukar seluar. Perempuan tak elok pakai seluar kocek-kocek ni..."

I was like, WHAT THEEE HHHHH.........


I thought my blouse would be the cause of the trouble, but my
baggy, shapeless, loose-fitting slacks......??? The pockets are innocent!!

That. Is. Totally. Absurd.

What.. girls are not allowed to wear this kind of trousers for outing?? Yes, it may be the menswear but come on.. cut me some slack, will ya? Err.. I mean it literally.

I guess it's a definite NO for a man with the name of Pak Cik Guard Bermisai. No negotiations whatsoever.

It's either BAJU KURUNG or JUBAH. Full-Stop. None other than those. *sigh*

So, with a heart blossomed with 'delight, enjoyment and satisfaction', I went back to the Mahallah to get dressed again.

No, No. I'm not angry at all. I'm a good girl.

I cursed.

Lucky for me, I met 'Ayunni halfway. Turned out she wanted to go out too. Her bf picked her up with a car.

A CAR?? YESSS!!! Finally!

They kindly gave me a lift and I passed through the Main Gate of IIUM successfully. With my head ducked down under the seat, of course. Hahaha.

Pakcik Guard Bermisai!! It's nice to have a guard-ian like you, watching over us!!

And my
real journey began. I took KTM to UKM, and Hana waited for me there. We went to UKM by bus, FOC.

They also had a Rafest-like festival called MEFEK, where the stalls were everywhere. We had a look and enjoyed the moment together.

A great addition to my memory, thanks to Hana Filzah. :D

Suddenly, I remembered something. How can I go back to UIA, passing through the main gate again??

As I rode in the taxi, going back to UIA.....

It Was Raining.

Thank You God.

The taxi was allowed to drive through the gate. And for the second time, I managed to get pass
Pak Cik Guard Bermisai safe and sound. Yay Me!!

Peringatan: Kepada sisters UIA, jangan nak menggatal dan menggedik (macam aku) nak pakai seluar 'kocek-kocek' keluar gi outing. Sesungguhnya Pak Cik Guard Bermisai mengawasi setiap gerak-geri dan tingkah laku anda. Sekian terima kasih.


  1. Pah, gotta say this. But Pakcik Misai tu dh kamceng dgn aku! Tak percaya tanya Soul. Muahahahahaha XD

  2. hohoho.... itu dia.... pengakuan berani mati dpd Cik Sarah Syahirah kita... :D

    ps. sume sisters sila la ajak SSK untuk keluar g outing, kompem lepas kuar punye... :)

  3. fatin aziz a.k.a. pinky=pJanuary 12, 2010 at 2:05 PM

    like duh~
    pak gad misai will FOREVER BE pakgad misai..

  4. hahahahahhhhh
    yes!! he'll always be~~

    ps. hmmm.. statement Cik Fatin kite ni ade baur2 ketidakpuashatian di situ ya... :D

  5. org pggil pak guard MISAI je la de BERmisai. hua3

  6. hehehehe itu MY VERSION of Pak Guard UIA yang amat disayangi ramai... :D

    ps. ntah2 kalo dye cukur misai sye tu still lagi name dye PAK GUARD BERMISAI ataupun PAK GUARD MISAI-LESS.. hehe

    ops backbiting~~~ :D