Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Ruff-Fest is ON, baby!!

I'm sure most of you must've seen this Rafest banner yang sebesar-besar alam outside the Al-Malik Faisal (AMF) Hall.

After the Rafest's over, can I bring the banner to my room to be my blankie?

Oh.. I forgot to mention about the watermarks. Thehee.. From now onwards, I'll put watermarks in every pictures I'll upload. To avoid people copy-pasting the images is one thing. The other thing is, doesn't it look somehow.... cool?? Well, just to mark them as mine. That's all. If you want to copy-paste, it's up to you but please give me the credit ya.. :D
ps. yes i know like all bloggers in the world have already had their watermarks. i planned to do it long time ago but only now i have the chance, so please stop criticising ya. :D

For those who don't know about Rafest aka Raudhah Festival, here's a brief explanation:
Rafest is one of the year's most grandeur annual event held in the CFSIIUM, besides Sports and Martial Arts Carnival (SMAC) and Ta'aruf Programme. Raudhah is the name of the garden in paradise, therefore as the campus is 'The Gateway to the Garden of Knowledge and Virtue', it is said to be the best place to hold the event. This year's theme is 'Colours of Islam', reflecting the glory of Islam and its achievements in the past; how the unity of Muslims played a major role in the Islamic development. It is the starting point to inculcate the sense of pride and honour of being a Muslim among the younger generations.

So, on 4th January 2010 (Monday) the Opening Ceremony of Rafest was held in AMF Hall.

I couldn't find the coloured version of the poster.

VIPs entered the AMF. Credit goes to Farah Farhanah, the cameragirl :D

The event started at 9.20pm. As usual, the Asmaul Husna, National Anthem and CFS song led the event. As I rarely sing the CFS song, I'd say that night I sang it with full of energy and excitement. Divided we'll fall, united we stand... :D well, I bet most of us sure dont include the song in our MP3 or iPOd playlists right??

The delightful decorations by the commitee members; thumbs up for them! Now we're talking about the real backdrop!

Rafest is organised by FSCC team from Nilai and PJ campus in collaboration with all the societies, clubs, MRC and FRC.

After we endured several speeches, the event was launched. Once the Emcee called upon the VIPs up to the stage to take the 'wooden rod' (?) to hit the gong, suddenly there was a chaos. A loud shout was heard from the backstage. The messenger who was holding the rod was stabbed to death by an evil warrior. He grabbed the rod. But then, the good guy stepped in. They had a fight, a terrifying and daunting battle to decide which one of them will be the owner the rod.

Oh.. the gimmick.

They used the real-life parang, I think. I heard the cling-clang sound of it.

Good guy always wins, right? So did the guy who was holding the parang up in the air. He later possessed the rod and presented it to the VIP....

...in which, she officially launched the event by hitting the gong. Madam Sabrina (?) received a token of appreciation from Madam Humaiyah (right).

The VIPs were invited to the AMF wing for refreshments and we were entertained by a Multimedia Presentation produced by the Programme Manager (PM).

According to the Rafest Handbook I secretly took from the FSCC's chair, there are exactly 26 events that will be organised during Rafest Week:

4th January 2010 in AMF Hall
1. Rafest Night: Opening Ceremony

4-7th Jan 2010 in AMF Hall
2. Falaq Exhibition
3. Understanding Islam and Back To Quran Exhibition
4. Science and Technology Exhibition
5. Art and Painting Exhibition
6. Recycling Campaign Exhibition

Mobile campaign
7. Recycling Campaign

4-8th January 2010 in Seminar Room
8. Blood Donation Drive

5th January 2010 in:
(a) AMF Hall
9. Lailah Ar-Rijal: Theatre 'Menunggu Kata Dari Tuhan' by Sabri Yunos
(b) Lecture Hall A
10. Documentary Show

6th January 2010 in:
(a) Field
11. Sun Gazing Activity
12. Star Gazing Activity
13. Water Rocket
(b) AMF Hall
14. Sister's Night

6-7th January 2010 along pavement of MUK1
15. Safety Awareness Campaign

7th January 2010 in:
(a) AMF Hall
16. Charity Dinner
(b) Field
17. Stand Cinema: Laskar Pelangi
(c) Lecture Hall A
18. Talk on 'Sex Education'

8th January 2010 in AMF
19. Food Fiesta
20. Talk on 'Misconception on Islam'

8-9th January 2010 in SMAWP3
21. Discover Alam Barzakh

8-10th January 2010 in Takraw Courts
22. Rafest Bazaar
23. Book Fair

9th January 2010 in Mosque
24. PERKIM Open Day

9-10th January 2010 in Field
25. Adventure Time!

10th January 2010 in Computer Lab

26. Graphic Workshop

So, what now?? Go and participate, lah!! ps. please refer to the posters on the noticeboards around the campus for the exact time and venue.

Back to the event. We were then been entertained by a few performances.

The first: Zapin team from IIUM Gombak

You see it right. Guys only. No girls. Amazing, huh?


Remarkably graceful. Girls out there, think you can beat 'em?? :D

The second: Angklung team from IIUM Gombak

The angklung looked easy to play but trust me, it is so totally not.

The third: Percussion group from IIUM PJ

Juniors of Culture and Arts Club (CAC). They repeated the same beats over and over, I'm not that amazed..

The last: The nasyeed group from IIUM PJ

Boy oh boy. It was a major disaster. Complete catastrophe. A total tragedy. Who the hell gave the idea of joining member from different nasyid groups together in a team? Well, he got a lot of explanations to do!

God!! It took me one full night to recover from the performance blow that night. Now I had to rerun the memory again, I just.... ARGHHH!!

That night I sank in my seat as far as I can. I felt like I was the one who received the public humiliation from the audience.

People, I am not from PJ Campus, okay. Am not!!

If you guys wanna know what the heck was going on that night and why I was so damn frustrated with the nasyeed performance, just have a look at the video in my YouTube. My username is nourelain244. E-mail's spinkygurl@yahoo.com. You gotta wait a lil bit longer because I am still in the process of uploading them. The angklung, percussion and nasyeed performances will be there ASAP.

God. I dont know if I should publish the video in Facebook. The show is a humiliation for the group members and IIUMPJ's community. I definitely don't think embarassing people is a right thing to do. Get me right, people. I put the videos in YouTube for you guys only, not for the others to view. I mean, oh come on.. just let me share my disappointment with you guys... :D

Then last but not least, an eye-candy for all. I took the image from FaFar. :D

Yes I know. Sweet, right? :D

Get in touch with me as there will be lots more pictures to come!!


  1. ...bijak btol...tutup semua cafe kat uia... honestly... it was SO inconvenient...

  2. yes!! totally agree. i thought i'm d only 1 thinking so.

    ps. dahla kene jln jauh, mknn pun xde la sedap sgt kot.. haishhh...