Saturday, January 09, 2010

SHARE-ity dinner

PERKIM Club IIUMPJ had organised a Grand Charity Dinner with 80 orphans from 3 different orphanages (Raudhah, Qanaah, Sri Sabah) on Thursday, 7th January 2010 in AMF Hall. The main objective was to collect fund for 'Tabung Tautan Kasih' that will be distributed to the selected orphanage and old folks.

The ticket cost me RM25. Quite a fair trade for
THREE local nasyeed shows from IIUMians and TWO entertaining performances by well-known nasyeedians in Malaysia.

The details? Just wait and see... :D

The event was perfectly planned - it started at exactly 9.10pm. Although most events were coordinated by using English, this one was an exemption. Serioulsy, Bahasa Malaysia made life a lot more easier. :D

Our beloved Dean of CFS, Prof Madya Dato Dr Syed Zahir Aidid gave only a short welcoming speech. I respect him very much, he just knew what we need; Food. Not talks. :D It's not like we can see him in every events, he's sure a very busy man. But I'm kinda amazed how he could afford going to this event; Rafest's opening night he attended not. He did mention about CFS's PERKIM Club ranked among the highest of all the clubs in other universities. I admit, PERKIM is a highly influential club here. They can get sponsors for any of their events in a blink of an eye!!

The mass of people in the hall. Food was served on the guests' table but it's buffet for students.

They got PINK complimentary bag, but why we got GREEN one?? :(

Energetic performance by Raudhah kids helped to hype up the night. Kids are cute!!

While we were having our meal, several nasyeed performances took place. D'Ilham presented Rahmat Ujian, Etika with Lagu Kedamaian and Saljuk; I'm Yours.

Former Akademi Nasyid group - In Heart also rocked the show that night as well as Muadz.

Wanna see ALL the awesome performances? Grab 'em here.

Muadz with his two songs; 'Stand Up' and 'Ana Wa Anta'

Great meals, Great mood, Great photo.

Now dont you stare at me. I din do anything wrong. I just kindly asked them for a pic and they agreed. What's the big deal??

Oh. I'm a girl. And I'm in UIA.

Fine. You do have a point.

Sometimes I kinda forgot those facts.

Footnote: For those who don't know who they are, they are In-Heart. You can go to their official blog here; where you can find more about their new album:

Vocalist of Etika with D'Ilham members

They begged for a picture, so I kindly invited them to pose. Eh...
Correction: It was me who begged them for a pic. :)

Hohoho. Wonder who took this lovely picture?

Who else do YOU think, huh?? pakcik guard bermisai?

It's me, of course!

Yupp. I'm riiiiiight in front of him.

What's your problem, actually?

Footnote: You can browse through his personal blog right
here and his daughter, Mia here. He's married to a beautiful wife, Susi and they have two beautiful children, as mentioned in his blog. Yes, you heard read me right. He's married.

Wanna see MAGIC??

Okay. Please look at the picture up there reaaaaalll close.

Trust me. Just look at it closely.


WAIT FOR...............



It's MAGIC, isn't it??

Say yes Say yes please. :D


  1. b4..
    blog owner angry...
    i want tell something that dinner..
    very hard to manage this dinner...
    first at all, this dinner organized full by 1st year student...
    at 1st all bureau are combined...
    difficult when we are cooperate each other.
    Time are given very short...
    that why, we are feel down.
    that experience we are shared with us...
    thank all give support 4 that dinner...
    the committe of that dinner make a follow up to raudhah house..
    gud luck 4 them....

  2. tho i din quite catch ur meaning ther, i like to congratulate all the committees for their hardwork. yes. i know. managing a grand event is very tough.

    good luck indeed. :)