Monday, January 18, 2010


Last Saturday was a day of pure bliss. My family came to KL and we SHOPPED till we POPPED DROPPED!!

That explains the lack of updates. :D

My Dad, 49 bought himself branded shirts in One Utama packaged in six gold-wrapped-boxes.

My Mom, 44 got herself sets of sparkling glasses and plates.

Kak Nor aka Epoh, 21 used up her savings to buy a brand new Nikon DSLR Camera.

Syakirah aka Shadow, 14 got her own PSP Go!!

Izzah aka Dojah, 10 was overjoyed with her collections of Habbo cards.

Jehan aka J.E, 17 and I aka Enon, 20 purchased our cool gladiator-like high heels!! Weee~~

I am thinking of wearing it for tonight's MEDCY's Annual Grand Dinner. :D

Adlin aka Aling, 5 was showered with toys and kiddy stuffs........

And alsoo......

She took my beloved Nelly!!!!!!!!!

I want my Nelly back!! :(

God, I missed her already.. (Nelly, not Adlin) :D


  1. alolo cutenya dak tuh dgn barbie dia

  2. husna - syakirah skg kat SMA Al-Maarif, kat Bukit Goh je....

  3. sis azaliah - ehem2. tuan empunye doll tu yg sebenar pun comel jugak kot??? :D