Thursday, January 07, 2010


Sabri Yunos came to UIA to stage a theatre! It might not be a delightful news for the UIA students here but for those who are the fanatic fan of him, he surely would not miss the opportunity to see him up-close. On stage, I mean. :D

The Islamic theatre based on Hadith entitled 'Menunggu Kata Dari Tuhan'.

There were only two actors; Sabri Yunos and his fellow musician.

It was a story about a man named Kaab bin Malik in the time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who was left behind from performing jihad; he did not go to the war with Prophet (pbuh).

He was in dilemma whether to speak the truth or not to the Prophet (pbuh) about the reason why he did not go to the war. At last he told nothing but the truth.

Prophet (pbuh) asked all people to stay away from Kaab and his wife was told not to get close to him. He was depressed. He cried endlessly when the Prophet (pbuh) himself refused to speak to him.

40 days passed by and he was still being alienated by his villagers. He kept on weeping and blaming himself. Finally, the revelation was sent down, telling him that he was forgiven by God.

He went right away to see Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the Prophet (pbuh) hugged him. He cried blissfully.

The Question and Answers session with the director, Dinsman.

Sabri Yunos entertained the audience with his good sense of humour during the session.

As actors/TV stars rarely pass by the neighbourhood, I'd say it was quite a good show. I wonder who else might pay us a visit next time around?? :D

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