Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Thoughtful SCAM-bag

The two ATM transactions in the red circle above were NOT made by ME.

I misplaced my Cherry Maybank ATM Card.

In other words, I LOST it.

I went to Maybank Section 14, Petaling Jaya just now to replace the card. RM12 was deducted from my account.

After filling all the forms, I got a brand new card.

To the person who is now holding my card, I'd like to thank you for not emptying my bank account.

At least I got another RM38 to spend for this month.

Moral of the story: Take care of your ATM card. Don't use your BIRTH DATE as the PIN NUMBER.


  1. deep sympathy for lossing your atm card, try more careful next time, it's ok using birth date as pin number but NOT your birth date, perhaps your 'mommy' birth date or your sisters'. or any numbers easily to remember and yet not available in your purse

  2. you should start taking your own advice pah..its not like its the first time you lose something.

    cmne org tu tau birthdate kau? u lost ur ic too?

  3. Dee - Thank you lots for the advice.

    Even if I got my new card, but I'm still in mourning period.. u__U

  4. Nawal - adehhh. that's kinda hard to do lor.. Yes, not the first time, definitely.. >_____<

    farEEz - haa.. tu lah pasal. i have NO IDEA until NOW camne bleh dye tau.. O___o