Thursday, January 14, 2010

UIA: Universiti Ini Aneh

No, I am not gonna trouble you with anymore Rafest's annoying ocassions.

I am now gonna highlight three special events happened recently.

But one of them was related to Rafest: Rafest's Closing Ceremony.

Guess who's the invited VIP on that Sunday night, 10th January 2010 at UIA Nilai?

Yeah, you guessed it right!!

Now I present to you............ (drum-roll)


Live performance from UIA Nilai Campus.

They presented two songs from their latest album: Nota Cinta.......

...that are Nota Cinta (Song and Lyrics by Nino) and Patah Hati (Lyrics by Fedtri Yahya and Song by Hafiz Hamidun)

I am totally addicted to Patah Hati as the tune is very catchy and yet, easy to follow. Look who created the song in the first place, its Hafiz Hamidun... DUH!!

Pa....tah Hati... Jangan Terdampar Sepi... Jangan Tersungkur mati...
Pa....tah Hati... Jangan Leburkan Mimpi... Jangan Memakan Diri...

Go Go Hafiz Hamidun!! (and Fedtri and Saujana, of course) :D

Syahmi (UIA PJ) was on stage with Saujana....

and he got the CD for FREE!!

But no worries... the thing is........

Tada!!! Now don't be jealous. Me (yellow shirt) with FaFar (in purple) were with Saujana too!!

Thank you FaFar for the pictures!! :D

If you wanna know more about their latest shows, please browse directly to their official blog here and Pyan's personal blog here.

Second event: Opening Ceremony of Mahallah Islamic Cultural Festival (MAICFest)

We had AKBAR!!!

Okay, close-up close-up.... :D

Akbar sang Siapakah Di Hatimu, Aishah and Alhamdulillah

I didn't manage to find any website related to Akbar (ex-member of Brothers), but I just discovered about his partnership in the making of many brilliant videos with Anas Tahir (ex-member of Far East and Faizal Tahir's younger brother).

If you like to see one of their wicked videos, check it in YouTube here. It is titled Tapi Bukan Aku Koq by Anas feat. Akbar. Obviously they dedicated the vid to an ex-member of Saujana, Dr. Idzwan who was infamous for his shocking (maybe indecent) personality during an audition for a famous local reality show.

Check out other hilarious videos at Anas Tahir's cool channel here. You must see his hideous :D version of Situasi by Bunkface (Bunk-ate Situasiom) here and the ugly :D version of Jangan Nakal by Alif Satar (Jangan Naka) here. Totally WICKED!! I like.. xD

If you like them very much, you may as well join their group in Facebook (KOQ~! Akbar & Anas) here.

And for the third event, I just came back from MAICFest's Closing Ceremony where........

MUADZ staged a show!!!

He did not mind coming back again to UIA even after his current visit during the Charity Dinner PERKIM. He is a well-known figure among the students here, totally.

Muadz (right) with 24-year-old Mohd Hafiedz Shamsuri (middle, a percussionist/drummer from Nasi Lemak Kopi O' (said Muadz) and also a member of Algebra) and Abang Puzi (left)

Muadz performed Always There For You (?), Stand Up (as usual), Cerita2 Puisi: Hanya Sebuah Kehidupan (?), a song about Rasulullah (pbuh) and Amrullah (Baitul Maqdis)

Brother Hafiedz was the one initiated the 'UIA: Universiti Ini Aneh' thingy. He said he's an IIUM student too, but I'm not sure if he already graduate or not... Even Muadz spent 5 years in IIUM doing Law course..

More about Algebra, the first Malaysian Nasyid Band here. Some people questioned the use of Guitar (instrument with strings) in their nasyid performance; is it allowed or not in Islamic music?? You can read the article here with adequate explanation by Brother Muhamad Razin.

FYI, I'll upload all the videos later in my YouTube channel.

I heard, ENGENIUS will invite IN-TEAM during FESTIVEN's closing ceremony next week, Monday night on 18th January at AMF Hall.

Is that FOR REAL????

Please reserve TWO FRONT SEATS for me. I'd like to make a special coverage that night. :D

Now Brother Hafiedz, can we just change the name to....
niversity Ini Awesome?? :D


  1. haha you're like uia punya duta now
    every post pasal uia XD

  2. hahahaha. i know, right?? :D

    UIA should've paid me for this. it's a hard work, u know?? keeping up-to-date w all the on-goings and stuffs.. :)