Thursday, January 07, 2010


the signal strength of iium community's wireless network these days are surprisingly very good. it took me less than 5 minutes to upload all these images. maybe with Rafest's going on, the students here focus less on the Net and more to the event.... in which, it is a good thing. for me. :D

Today's entry is about
Free Stuffs Rafest's Exhibitions in AMF Hall

view from the stage. during late evening when most students have finished their classes, they went to have a look here and there in the hall

all of them are totally FREE! and i must be nuts not to grab 'em all. dont we all just love free stuffs, people?

lots of booths with awesome displays and gratis handouts/booklets

falak exhibition

palestine booths

something on english communication, i cant quite remember..

after few series of flirting persuasions took place, they agreed to get their picture taken

now its ART time!!

these make me want to be an Architecture and Environmental Design (AED) student..

stunning drawings

build-up models based on the animals (eg. scorpion, bird etc.)

replicas of various types of buildings

got my eyes glued on this one

cececeh.. budak dua orang ni tengah tengok ape tu? :D

the talented students who can draw mangas and they put their atworks on sale

tickets for the theatre 'menunggu kata dari tuhan' by Sabri Yunos were sold here

now i know that i was born on 28 Ramadhan, 2 days before Eidul Fitri. :D

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